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10269Weird font rendering differences - any ideas?

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  • Alex Maslov
    Apr 29, 2009
      Hi there!

      I am using "set gfn=Monaco:h16" in my .vimrc file. I have an
      external display (17" 1280x1024) attached to my MacBook Pro (15.4"
      1400x900). If I launch MacVIM on the MacBook Pro and then close the
      laptop's lid and continue working with the launched instance on my 17"
      display I get a nice readable fonts (see "vim2.png" if I manage to
      attach it). If I launch MacVIM on my 17" display with laptop's lid
      closed I get thin much less readable fonts (see "vim1.png"). In both
      cases gfn value is the same - I have double-checked. Any ideas are
      much appreciated.
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