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10180Re: MacVim @+ register not copied to the clipboard

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  • björn
    Apr 5, 2009
      2009/4/5 pr3d4t0r:
      > On Apr 5, 8:22 am, björn <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      >> Unfortunately there does not seem to be a fix for the GNU screen
      >> problem.  You can use "open" like you said but then you can no longer
      >> pass command line parameters (apart from file names) so it is a rather
      >> limited solution.  I'm still hoping somebody will contact the "screen"
      >> developers and have them fix this.
      > If there is a bug filed in MacVim that you can point me at so that I
      > can understand how MacVim links to the system clipboard, and then find
      > a workaround.  One alternative I was thinking of is having a Python
      > (maybe even C?) plugin that is loaded silently under OS X and
      > communicates with the clipboard that way when running screen.
      > I will also look into patching screen -- I'm not a committer there and
      > have crossed swords with too many GNU guys because we have different
      > views of reality when it comes to licensing so I'm not sure if they'd
      > accept a patch.

      The problem has been discussed on this list (you'll have to search for
      it) and there and issue was created:


      Basically, there is a process called "pboard" which apps communicate
      with to implement copy/paste. From within "screen" this process is
      unreachable (for some unknown reason). I have tried connecting to it
      using both the Carbon and Cocoa APIs but you always get a NULL pointer
      when you try to access "pboard" from within "screen".

      What this means is that unless you know how the Carbon/Cocoa APIs work
      internally it is going to be hard to fix this problem. You'd have to
      create some other process that is launched outside "screen" and
      connect via that process to the pasteboard server. I never even
      considered trying this because it must be much easier to just patch


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