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10158Re: Cursorline as line not shadow

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  • björn
    Apr 1, 2009
      2009/4/1 Tobia Conforto:
      >> You can set the color with "guisp" (see ":h highlight-guisp" and ":h
      >> underline"), so change those two lines to:
      >> :hi clear cursorline
      >> :hi cursorline gui=underline guisp=yellow
      >> Please note that MacVim currently does not underline spaces
      > To paint a more complete picture, this depends on whether you have
      > enabled the ATSUI renderer in MacVim preferences (⌘,)
      > - with ATSUI, the underline spans the whole window, but you can't set
      > its color;

      Ok, I see this bug. I'll fix it straight away. (I didn't check
      whether ATSUI underlined spaces or not, thanks for pointing this out.)

      > - with the Cocoa renderer (meaning with ATSUI turned off) leading and
      > trailing spaces aren't underlined, but you can set the underline color
      > as mentioned by Björn.
      > The new experimental Core Text renderer will probably have yet another
      > feature set.

      It underlines spaces and setting "guisp" works.


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