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101Re: PWD?

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  • vim-mac-egroups-wrapper@vim.org
    Aug 21, 2000
      > How can I open a file from the command line without typing the entire
      > path name? I'm using vimppc 5.7.9 on a revC iMac, sys8.5.1. If
      > there's a good faq for this kind of thing, feel free to point me to
      > it. Thanks!

      Do you want to open the file from the MPW commandline or from the Vim

      On the Vim commandline you can cd to the path of the current document,
      after that :e looks in this folder and below.

      You can use an autocommand like the one shown im macvimrc:
      autocmd VimEnter * if strlen(@%) != 0 | cd %:p:h | endif

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