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10091Re: Snapshot 43 - Python syntax highlighting weirdness

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 22, 2009
      Bjorn Winckler wrote:

      > 2009/3/1 Matt Tolton <matt@...>:
      > >
      > > It's a bug in the python syntax file. =A0If you add "contained" to the
      > > pythonDecoratorName syntax item then it fixes it. =A0I emailed the
      > > maintainer and he fixed it, so it will probably be fixed the next time
      > > bjorn updates the runtime files.
      > I've been waiting and waiting for that update to the Python runtime
      > file but it still hasn't happened (I just updated the runtime files
      > again today). Matt: did the maintainer actually send the new runtime
      > file to Bram for inclusion into Vim? Do you mind nudging him again
      > perhaps?
      > I'm willing to release a new snapshot if we get this issue resolved.

      I just uploaded the current version of runtime files.

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