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10089Re: Snapshot 43 - Python syntax highlighting weirdness

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  • björn
    Mar 22, 2009
      2009/3/1 Matt Tolton <matt@...>:
      > It's a bug in the python syntax file.  If you add "contained" to the
      > pythonDecoratorName syntax item then it fixes it.  I emailed the
      > maintainer and he fixed it, so it will probably be fixed the next time
      > bjorn updates the runtime files.

      I've been waiting and waiting for that update to the Python runtime
      file but it still hasn't happened (I just updated the runtime files
      again today). Matt: did the maintainer actually send the new runtime
      file to Bram for inclusion into Vim? Do you mind nudging him again

      I'm willing to release a new snapshot if we get this issue resolved.


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