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10067Re: / Control-Tab broken in snapshot 43?

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  • björn
    Mar 15, 2009
      2009/3/15 Johan Liseborn:
      > On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 14:27, björn <bjorn.winckler@...> wrote:
      >> 2009/3/14 Johan Liseborn:
      >>> I am not sure if it is related, but it seems CTRL-] (jump to
      >>> definition) does not work on Swedish keyboards in snapshot 43 (on a
      >>> Swedish keyboard, you will get "]" by pressing alt-9). Or do I have to
      >>> do something to "activate" it?
      >> I looked into this and there doesn't seem to be much that I can do
      >> about this.  On a Swedish keyboard, Ctrl-Alt-9 is sent to MacVim as
      >> "9" -- the fact that Alt-9 should be "]" is completely lost.  Contrast
      >> this with a German keyboard where if you press Ctrl-Alt-6 MacVim
      >> receives Ctrl plus "]".
      >> MacVim relies on the selected keyboard input method to translate keys
      >> -- in this case the Swedish layout does the translation "wrong" so
      >> there isn't much MacVim can do about this.  I know that this is a
      >> completely unsatisfactory answer, but I really don't know how this can
      >> be fixed.  (By the way, it is not only a problem with snap 43 ... I'm
      >> pretty sure all versions of MacVim can't deal with this key on a
      >> Swedish layout.)
      > Ah, I see. I am pretty recent convert to both Vi and MacVim, that's
      > why I was a bit unsure whether I was doing something wrong, or if this
      > was a problem with MacVim (or, as it appear, a problem further down
      > the "stack").
      > Anyway, I have one additional piece of information which I am not sure
      > if it will be useful to you or not, but anyway: It seems there is some
      > sort of difference between pressing "Ctrl-Alt-9" and just pressing
      > "9"; in the latter case, MacVim interprets the "9" as the number
      > before a command (i.e. the "9" appears at the bottom of the screen,
      > and MacVim waits for additional input, e.g. a movement command),
      > wheras in the former case MacVim "beeps", like the keycombo is not
      > defined or something like that.
      > I am not familiar with the inner workings here, so I can't tell what
      > really is happening, but it appears MacVim sees some sort of
      > difference between "Ctrl-Alt-9" and just "9".

      The difference is that in the former case Vim gets the Ctrl and Alt
      modifier flags as well as the "9" and then Vim performs its own "Alt
      translation" and the "9" turns into a "superscript 1" (try hitting
      Ctrl-Alt-9 in insert mode and you'll see what happens). This is
      somewhat unexpected but harmless as far as I can tell.

      > Anyway, I still want to say thanks for the good work; other than this,
      > I really enjoy MacVim, and if it turns out unfeasible to fix the
      > Ctrl-] issue, I guess I just have to remap it to something else!

      I'm afraid you will have to find some alternatives. I myself always
      type with an English keyboard layout -- if I need to type in Swedish I
      switch layouts with Ctrl+Space (set in System Preferences) whenever I
      enter insert mode. I've been thinking of expanding the 'iminsert'
      (and related) option(s) to automatically switch to a user specified
      layout when insert mode is entered and back to English whenever it is
      exited again, but I am not sure how welcome such a change would be.
      (This would be relatively simple to implement, but it requires the use
      of 10.5 only APIs.)


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