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10065Re: / Control-Tab broken in snapshot 43?

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  • Johan Liseborn
    Mar 15, 2009
      On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 14:27, björn <bjorn.winckler@...> wrote:
      > 2009/3/14 Johan Liseborn:
      >> I am not sure if it is related, but it seems CTRL-] (jump to
      >> definition) does not work on Swedish keyboards in snapshot 43 (on a
      >> Swedish keyboard, you will get "]" by pressing alt-9). Or do I have to
      >> do something to "activate" it?
      > I looked into this and there doesn't seem to be much that I can do
      > about this.  On a Swedish keyboard, Ctrl-Alt-9 is sent to MacVim as
      > "9" -- the fact that Alt-9 should be "]" is completely lost.  Contrast
      > this with a German keyboard where if you press Ctrl-Alt-6 MacVim
      > receives Ctrl plus "]".
      > MacVim relies on the selected keyboard input method to translate keys
      > -- in this case the Swedish layout does the translation "wrong" so
      > there isn't much MacVim can do about this.  I know that this is a
      > completely unsatisfactory answer, but I really don't know how this can
      > be fixed.  (By the way, it is not only a problem with snap 43 ... I'm
      > pretty sure all versions of MacVim can't deal with this key on a
      > Swedish layout.)

      Ah, I see. I am pretty recent convert to both Vi and MacVim, that's
      why I was a bit unsure whether I was doing something wrong, or if this
      was a problem with MacVim (or, as it appear, a problem further down
      the "stack").

      Anyway, I have one additional piece of information which I am not sure
      if it will be useful to you or not, but anyway: It seems there is some
      sort of difference between pressing "Ctrl-Alt-9" and just pressing
      "9"; in the latter case, MacVim interprets the "9" as the number
      before a command (i.e. the "9" appears at the bottom of the screen,
      and MacVim waits for additional input, e.g. a movement command),
      wheras in the former case MacVim "beeps", like the keycombo is not
      defined or something like that.

      I am not familiar with the inner workings here, so I can't tell what
      really is happening, but it appears MacVim sees some sort of
      difference between "Ctrl-Alt-9" and just "9".

      Anyway, I still want to say thanks for the good work; other than this,
      I really enjoy MacVim, and if it turns out unfeasible to fix the
      Ctrl-] issue, I guess I just have to remap it to something else!



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