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10057Re: [Tip] Building MacVim on Tiger (10.4.11 PoweBook G4)

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  • björn
    Mar 13, 2009
      Hi Simo,

      2009/3/13 Simo Salminen:
      > Here is summary of what was required to be done to get MacVim built on
      > Tiger 10.4.11.
      > - The normal building documentation recommends that you get the source
      > using this: "git clone git://repo.or.cz/MacVim.git vim7". However,
      > that version has problems (binary builds but when you try to open vim
      > window it won't open). I suggest you download new snapshot directly
      > from http://repo.or.cz/w/MacVim.git. Click on the "Snapshot 43" or
      > better, then click on the download link (.tar.gz or zip). This way you
      > don't need to install git.

      That the latest source code version would have this problem sounds
      unlikely -- the only difference between snap 43 and the version in the
      repo is a modified Colors.plist. Just rebuild the latest version and
      it should work.

      > I used this configuration spell successfully: ./configure
      > --enable-perlinterp --enable-pythoninterp --enable-rubyinterp --enable-
      > cscope
      > --enable-gui=macvim
      > After building, I renamed the previous MacVim.app to MacVim-
      > stable.app, and moved the new MacVim.app to Applications/ folder.
      > Everything was really easy so if you are planning on building your own
      > version don't hesitate.
      > Building my own binary with less bloat and enabling the Quickstart
      > from MacVim preferences made launching new windows *much* more faster.

      Like Nico said: there is not much difference between the snapshot I
      build and what you just outlined -- the only thing I can spot right
      now is that I build a "huge" version whereas your instructions will
      give you a normal one. The binary sizes will differ a bit though
      since I build a universal binary. At any rate, there should be no
      visible difference in speed.

      Also, I still maintain that you _should_ download Git in order to
      build MacVim since it will make it a lot easier to build a new version
      whenever the repo is updated. (This is why I so carefully explain how
      to install Git on the wiki page and only briefly mention that is not
      entierly necessary.)


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