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  • Steve Krause
    A Midrealm Army Notice, from your General. You ll notice he asks for numbers estimates. Please send me a quick note if you re going to Gulf Wars to so that I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2002
      A Midrealm Army Notice, from your General.

      You'll notice he asks for numbers estimates. Please send me a quick note if you're going to Gulf Wars to so that I can
      give Sir Omrad an estimate of numbers. I'm aware of a few people, but probably not all.


      Midlands Commander

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      Subject: war.
      Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 14:54:05 -0500
      From: "sir.otw@..." <sir.otw@...>

      Friends, soldiers, countrymen,
      The time for reflection and the celebrations of peace are past, NOW we must
      look to the ever-present spectre of WAR!!!!
      It seems that our allies of the past cannot keep the peace that the carnage
      of battle has so earnestly earned. The Kingdoms of Ansteorra and Trimaris
      have sent scouts into fair Meridies and are laying plans for conflict.
      Midrealm "diplomats" and "innocent observers" have brought news of the
      preparations going in in both camps. Meridies has issued warnings to it's
      citizens to assemble in civic defense.
      Per discussions with TRM Rognvaldr and Arabella I have dispatched the
      Ravens to gain intelligence and they have reported that without Midrealm
      support this conflict will continue and quite possibly be way too small to
      be a decent WAR!!!
      Midrealm troops have striven the fields of Meridies since these squabbles
      began years ago. In years past we have been one of the largest forces on
      the field. Their Majesties have ordered me to muster the Mighty Midrealm
      Army and take the field in defense of all that we hold dear.
      Therefore all Commanders, Captains, Sergeants, and leaders of troops are
      directed to prepare for war. We will muster upon the warm green fields of
      Gulf Wars and will leave opposition strewn upon the hillocks dead or in
      Archers, ready your bows and seige engines collect your missiles.
      Support troops please give what aid you are able. The midrealm army is
      famous not only for its combatants but also for its support. No other army
      is so loved by it's populace.

      Their Majesties have directed that as in years past the preferred uniform
      for this expedition is a Midrealm Kingdom tabard. Their Majesties have
      extras if needed.

      Regional Commanders please report as soon as possible with troop strengths.
      Be sure to include acurate numbers of Seige engines, combat engineers, and
      combat archers.
      Gulf Wars info:

      Baron Sir Omarad the Wary
      War General, Midrealm Army

      Steve Krause The Honorable Dietrich von Andernach, Serjeant
      Harried Engineer
      Which would _YOU_ rather be?
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