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[village-green] Three from the Tree - a Middle-Eastern Revel

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    Hi, can you add the following event to your calendar? Event: Three from the Tree - a Middle-Eastern Revel Date: Fri Jul 30, 1999 Description: The
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      <z>Hi, can you add the following event to your calendar?</z>

      Event: Three from the Tree - a Middle-Eastern Revel
      Date: Fri Jul 30, 1999
      Description: The Ancient and Honorable Province of Tree-Girt-Sea announces the second
      and hopefully annual.

      Three From the Tree, a Middle-Eastern Revel AND your last opportunity to
      practice before Pennsic!!
      July 30-August 1
      Hastings Lake YMCA camp
      Lake Villa, IL (North of Chicago)

      Once again we call upon the figthers, fencers, and archers of the
      kingdom to join together in teams of three for a contest of combined

      Each team in the team tourney will consist of one heavy weapons fighter,
      one fencer, and one archer. All members of each team shall do their
      best in their field and shall come together at the end of the day to
      entertain the masses at the bardic circle.
      This year's bardic competition, however, will follow the theme of the
      event, a Middle-Eastern revel. All entrants into the bardic portion of
      the team competition must have something to do with the Middle-East...
      if nothing else, songs and stories need to contain the words "Middle"
      and "East."

      Please note you need not be a memeber of a team to participate in any
      portion of the event. Everyone plays, everyone has fun :)

      (We may even do some melee type stuff!)

      We also plan to have several classes on Middle-Eastern dance, drumming,
      costuming, and whatever else we can get people to teach (volunteers,

      There is also UNLIMITED AND CHEAP MERCHANT SPACE for anyone interested
      in selling at this event.

      For details and contact information, please visit our very basic, but
      soon to be embellished, website at

      Jale bint Amar, Event Steward
      Mihri Deniz-Yetim, the other Event Steward

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