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Crown Tourney

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  • curtisandcolleen
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2009
      >Shameless plug and update all at once.
      >The crown tourney of Dag and Anne Marie will be held in The Barony
      >of Illiton on Oct 17 at the Grand hotel in Peoria. you may have
      >heard it was at the Ramada hotel. Well, the site has NOT changed the
      >NAME has.
      >The hotel decided to drop the franchise with Ramada, and is now
      >known as the Grand Hotel. Unfortunately this news was passed to us
      >AFTER the publication date for the pale. Please be advised to use
      >the link from the website and do not reserve any further rooms
      >through Ramada although all previous reservations are still honored.
      >PLEASE spread the word on this as far and wide and repost to as many
      >lists as you feel necessary
      >Harried Autocrat
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