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New Midlands RDM & New Society Marshal Handbook

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  • Doug Petroshius
    Greetings from Gintaras, At Pennsic this year, Master Avery handed over the reigns of Midlands Regional Deputy Marshal for Heavy Weapons Combat to me. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      Greetings from Gintaras,

      At Pennsic this year, Master Avery handed over the reigns of Midlands
      Regional Deputy Marshal for Heavy Weapons Combat to me. I appreciate all of
      the work he has done in the office and look forward to continuing the
      progress he has made. If any Group Marshal, Group MIT, MIT, or Marshal of
      the Field needs anything, feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy
      to assist you. In fact, you all should be contacting me with either a report
      (GKMs & Group MITs) or a "hello, I'm still active" (MITs & MOFs) on Sept 1.
      Email works just fine for these reports, but you can snail mail them to me
      too, if you like. For your information, my contact info is below:

      (Doug Petroshius)
      1445 Churchill Court
      Mundelein, IL 60060

      Furthermore, I would like to encourage anyone who is an authorized fighter
      and has three authorizations or more to contact me about becoming an MIT and
      working their way towards being a warranted marshal. I think that we can
      never have enough marshals on the field and it is the best way to give back
      to the sport that we all love.

      I would also like to forward on a message that Earl Marshal Duke Brannos
      posted on Legiodraconis.com today about the release of the new Society
      Marshal Handbook for Heavy Combat (see below). Please get a copy of it and
      start reading/using the rules immediately. As marshals and MITs, it is our
      responsibility to be able to understand and explain these rules to others.
      Do not forget that while, the Society Rules are the basis of heavy combat in
      the SCA, the Kingdom can always make more restrictive/safe rules on top of
      Society ones. Please also refer to the Middle Kingdom Marshal Handbook when
      reviewing the Society Marshal Handbook (copies can be found at

      Thank you for reading this message. Be safe, be chivalrous, and have fun.


      From Legio Draconis.com (Duke Brannos):

      Well we have a new handbook and I will go through some of the changes we
      will be looking at over this weekend. I will also post major changes in the

      The new handbook is up on the official website:
      or the direct link:

      A few Questions:
      >1) Is there an estimated time this will be posted on SCA page?
      >2) Is there a timeline to insure all Kingdoms are in line with this? By XX
      >- XX - XX this will be the official standard and will posted.

      1) Now
      2) All the new rules are effective as of now, i.e. if you conform to
      them, you're OK. In order to give everyone time to get up to speed,
      I'll propose we "sunset" the old rules on December 1, 2006, with the
      previously mentioned exception for the non-contact/contact transition
      which will need to be complete by Aug 1, 2007. This Dec. 1 date
      should allow time for KEMs to get notes into Kingdom newsletters
      about any changes that will affect their Kingdoms.


      Major Changes:
      From the Armour Archive:
      "The new handbook increases armour requirements a tiny bit in one or two
      places, and decreases them by about the same amount in others. (The root
      causes were genuine marshalling issues.) It will probably lead to the
      introduction of unpadded poles in several more kingdoms, increases maximum
      mace weight, specifically allows types of body-to-body contact, makes it
      clear that controlled shield-to-body contact is OK, allows a kind of
      half-swording, and bans blow-calling. "

      "The arm armor section spells out that a shield is NOT sufficient regardless
      of design. (i.e. strapped heater vs center-grip)

      Padding under a gorget is also new, it was suggested but not required in the
      2000 version I printed out last year.

      It also looks like they loosened the footwear requirements. The term
      "should" stands out to me as new. I may be wrong on that one."
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