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Midlands Army

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  • John Staeck
    Greetings Unto the Stalwart Populace of the Midlands. Warm wishes for a bountiful harvest season does the army staff send unto each of you. OK, war vacation
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
      Greetings Unto the Stalwart Populace of the Midlands. Warm wishes for a bountiful harvest season does the army staff send unto each of you.

      OK, war vacation is coming to a close and it is again time to turn our attention to the army. To wit, please, anyone who might be thinking they want to host a regional practice, please send Viscount Sir Gaylen and/or me a note. We have a blank schedule at the moment but we have a full agenda, so there is much potential for good practices.

      The initial areas we want to concentrate on can be broken down into 4 categories:
      1. recruitment and upping overall participant numbers. We did very well last year but we do need a larger numeric base to sustain the intensity and effectiveness of this past Pennsic. Ergo, recruit away!
      1.sub... I have some armoir bits I can sell (even maybe give) to folks who are starting and really committed. These include knees/elbows and a couple of placards. So lets get folks out and playing.

      2. mobility and effective control. I think all who were fortunate enough to be at Pennsic saw that speed kills, especially when force is directed at a target with speed (hhmmm...mass x velocity...oh wait, related concept...)

      3. spears... man oh man, we need more of them and more practice. Our most difficult situation was on the bridges since we needed to hold terriotry but we did not have enough spear support. We got picked apart eventually (though the Aethelmarc folks will think twice about EVER failing to support their spears again...hehehe...ask Tuge, Sabah, and Devin about that). SO I have a drill idea listed below for this one

      4. Command and control still needs to be tighter. To keep pace with speed and the application of force, it is clear that we need to update and improve the way commands are transmitted. This isn't because we are doing poorly now, but we need to keep pace with the flexibility we are developing on the field. To this end we might think about holding a military academy sort of practice or collegium at an event. Whether it is cider and chese or beer and pizza prob. depends upon the will of the army. So, feedback welcome/solicited.

      DRILL SUGGESTION....... SPEAR.....
      define with tape, chalk, dead bodies two boxes, approximately 3 feet deep by 5 feet wide (or similar 5x5 works here). These boxes should be approximately 7' apart. Place a spearman in each box and have them duel for 5 minutes (stamina is an issue here). Do not intervene to teach until the 5 minutes is up. HAve observers keep notes if they can't remember their thoughts for 5 minutes (and after being in armor we all know that is a possibility). VARIANT...hold a mini-tourney with the same set up, bet 2 of 3 spear hits for the win. VARIANT...place 2 people in each box, adjusting size of boxes as needed.
      GOALS: promote spear training, promote control of range and engagement within limited mobility (wheels have limited use in a bridge battle), encourage development of combat stamina with spear, which can be a "high burn" weapon form.

      Finally - how about a Midlands Warchest? While I can think of the various jokes and deliberate misinterpretations of this suggestion that just began, I am actually proposing that we consider establishing our own war chest. It could be filled with everything from loaner/spare equipment for army use, to beer and sundries for hiring mercs/musicians or whatever. Any additiosn to the war chest would be strictly voluntary but man, think of the shtick we could do with that sort of thing at courts and events in general. The thing that brought this about was the fact that Gaylen and I really wanted to have some impressive show of musicians to escort the army onto the field once or twice, but things didn't pan out. Perhaps we might want to consider this sort of thing? This is just off of the cuff here, so certainly feedback is solicited.

      With that I return to my own preparations for harvest. May yours be plentiful and pleasant. - Janos

      PS - did anyone find a self-skinning mace with a leather lanyard in the war gear from camp? I thought I had stuffed mine into my bag but now find that I didn't. best- Janos

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