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introduction: podcast hotel and videoblog festival

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  • ahwfour_1027
    Hi, all -- Eric -- thanks for the intro. First thing I have to say: I love the videoblogs that people in this group are making. And that s a big reason I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2005
      Hi, all -- Eric -- thanks for the intro. First thing I have to say: I
      love the videoblogs that people in this group are making. And that's a
      big reason I decided to create the Podcast Hotel and Videoblog
      Festival in Portland, Or., July 15-17. The work people are doing is
      excellent. We want to celebrate what the videobloggers are doing.

      This is an event that will take place in Portland but I also hope one
      that will take place all over the world as Raymond and Diedre
      suggested. I'll post to that thread in a bit. Here are some of our
      goals and ideas:

      * The goal is to create. Use the hotel as a studio with Portland and
      the rest of the world as our stage. The Jupiter Hotel
      (www.jupiterhotel.com) is mighty cool for this kind of event. And you
      can't beat Portland in July.

      * Engage the rest of the world in creating with us. For instance,
      showcase Raymond's videoblog journey across Norway and Deidre's
      meeting with other videobloggers in Milan. Do the same in other cities
      and places around the world.

      * Showcase your work.

      * Teach people how they can use these tools in their daily lives.

      * Share with podcasters in "think future," talks and discussions.

      * Rock out to some great music that we podcast and videoblog.

      * Ride bikes with videocameras taped to our helmets. Heh, I don't own
      a car so I am very psyched about this one. :-)

      * Create a videoblog story with several segments (fiction and non

      * Go to a cool fashion show where the designers create "podcast and
      videoblog," apparel and accessories. Eric's idea ----> Models sport
      the cameras!

      * Turn each room into a studio with its own theme.

      * Eric's idea ----> Create a theme for the show that we use as the
      subject for our videoblogs. Travel? Love? Summer?

      * Meet the people of Portland.

      So, this is my hope. Create, learn and raise the level of discussion
      about how these new tools fit into society and the rest of the world.


      Thanks. Alex.

      Alex Williams
      Managing Director of Events

      P.S. If you can make it out, do you want an early bird rate? We're
      trying to keep the costs down for folks who can make it here to
      Portland. Contact me: alex at corante dot com.
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