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Re: [videoblogging] Question re: Live Vlogging

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  • Joly MacFie
    I could be wrong but I think currently new livestream is the best deal as they are offering a free producer account with no ads to get the thing going.
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 16, 2012
      I could be wrong but I think currently "new livestream" is the best
      deal as they are offering a free 'producer' account with no ads to get
      the thing going.

      What's different about the new version is that it is totally event
      based so that you get, along with the stream, a kind of instant blog
      page for just that event. Downside - no embedding and changed url for
      every new event.

      I am seeing, especially in Europe, a lot of people using
      http://bambuser.com/ - works well with phones..

      Google hangout on-air can work well for certain things like online
      interviews, with great screensharing and lower third functionality.
      YouTube live is probably not quite ready for primetime (unless you are
      a partner) but interestingly has licensed a free version of the
      wirecast multicam switcher. http://www.youtube.com/wc4ytlive


      On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 5:28 PM, Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> wrote:
      >> What are the best options out there for vidcasting? I know about Ustream
      >> and BlogTV but I know next to zip about either one and know absolutely
      >> nothing about other alternatives.
      >> I'd like to hear the pros and cons of what's available, my main interests
      >> being ease of use for a non-techie like me, Mac & iOS friendliness, and
      >> possible AdSense integration.
      >> I'd also like a suggestion or two regarding which webcams out there are
      >> decent and affordable (and again, Mac friendly).
      > It all depends on what you plan to be live streaming.
      > We've used http://new.livestream.com/ for bigger events. Honestly at
      > this point, all these video services and much of the hardware seems at
      > a plateau in my experience. Many of the issues have been solved, so
      > youre now looking for ease of use. HD is standard on video hosting
      > services and the cameras you buy to record.
      > I believe this is one reason why things are quiet. Many technical
      > issues really depend on the very narrow use case youre trying to
      > solve. But for more general applications, itll all work just fine.
      > Jay
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