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  • twhid
    Greetings video bloggers, A startup in the green-building space needs some video production help. See description below. Tell them Tim Whidden sent you. Best,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2011
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      Greetings video bloggers,
      A startup in the green-building space needs some video production help.
      See description below. Tell them Tim Whidden sent you. Best,
      ++++contact info:Peter Leonard Krebs
      Chief Technology Officer
      Sefaira - Building a Green Future
      Tel: +1 212 931 9032 <tel:%2B1%20212%20931%209032> / +44 7542 336798
      Email: peter.krebs@... <mailto:peter.krebs@...>

      Green Building Innovation of the Year Winner - Ecobuild 2011

      Sefaira Inc. - 419 Lafayette Street - 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10003,
      United States
      Sefaira UK Limited - Registered in England and Wales with company number
      Registered Office - 16 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6BX, United
      Kingdom++++descriptionSefaira is a 2-year old startup in the green
      building software space. We're growing quickly and having just finished
      our beta period, we are now entering the EAP (early adopter program)
      phase of the company.
      Along with this new phase, we're planning on doing at least three
      videos, and thus are looking for some excellent producers to help us
      out. The first two videos are the ones we need pro help on. The last one
      is much more geared towards something we can do in house - but I'm still
      curious if you'd be willing to help us with that one.
      A bit of detail on the videos, the inspirations and a draft script.
      The Videos
      1. Concept Vision video, talking about the ethos of Sefaira and what
      we're trying to do with the Fulcrum engine and the apps that use the
      engine (Concept); in the spirit of one of the Google Chrome videos
      2. SketchUp Video, on how a user should design/build their model for
      optimal Sefaira use
      3. An app walkthrough which will piece together how to use different
      parts of the app, eg. Project Console, Strategies, etc. [ videos of the
      existing app functionality ]

      The inspirationsChrome OS Vision (we love this hand drawn feel - and we
      have an excellent artist who could work with you to do all the
      lmfu <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QRO3gKj3qw&feature=relmfu>
      Chrome Speed ala Rube Goldberg

      Draft Sefaira Concept - Video Introduction ScriptWith increasing energy
      prices, declining fresh-water resources and a focus on sustainability in
      the built environment, it is more important than ever to make both new
      buildings and retrofit designs as sustainable as possible.

      But if you are an architect or otherwise involved in green building
      design, you know that there are many decisions and options to balance in
      order to design the perfect, high performing, and carbon neutral

      For example you need to design the perfect envelope, specify the ideal
      heating and cooling systems and select the right renewable strategies
      for your building type and location?

      Sefaira Concept allows you to explore your design space and compare a
      wide range of green building strategies via the unique [Fulcrum]
      strategy framework [patent pending]. By providing sophisticated analysis
      via an intuitive interface, Concept helps you define, quantify and
      compare the energy, water, carbon and financial benefits of relevant
      design strategies. This helps you effectively balance the investment
      between building envelope, systems and renewable technologies, so you
      can maximise capital efficiency, minimise energy and water use and
      attain Net-Zero Carbon Design at low cost.

      In addition to Sefaira's strategy framework, Concept also provides:

      * Rapid Energy Analysis for real time analysis of energy use
      * Fully integrated water analysis to help you identify best measures
      for saving water as well as reducing hot water energy demand
      * Renewable Technology Analysis to help you choose optimum renewable
      strategies which match your building's demand profile
      Sefaira Concept

      * Is easy to use, empowering users to save thousands on external
      consulting fees by helping in-house resources design sustainably
      * Helps you make informed design strategy decisions at early /
      concept stage where they have the most impact
      * Helps you rapidly produce elegant charts and graphs to help
      interpret results and communicate the benefit of strategies to clients
      and stakeholders – e.g. building developers and government
      * Integrates directly with Google SketchUp, to give you the speed and
      flexibility you need at concept stage design
      * Comes with access to climate and resource data from around the
      world - no need to search external databases to find the data you need
      * Benefits from integrated future climate data (available for select
      regions) to model the performance of your building over time and in
      future climate scenarios
      * Provides a web-based interface that allows your design team to
      simultaneously access projects and collaborate for maximum efficiency
      Sefaira Concept helps you design greener and better buildings, much
      faster and cost effectively than you've ever done before.

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