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Re: [videoblogging] Sanyo HD2000 for Action?

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  • Ron Watson
    Hey Mark, the VPC-CA100 is totally different than the CA9, it s the next generation. I decided to go with the FH1A (no audio, which is a bummer - but we re on
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 29, 2010
      Hey Mark,
      the VPC-CA100 is totally different than the CA9, it's the next generation.

      I decided to go with the FH1A (no audio, which is a bummer - but we're on a serious budget...). Got 2 16GB SDHC (6) flash cards, an extra battery, a 25 watt fill cold shoe fill light, a RAID 1 2TB 7200 Hard Drive for less than $650.

      I think I should be all set in terms of getting some decent footage in an accessible manner. I'm hoping it will be pretty turn key.

      We'll be picking up an iPhone4 asap as well. That's what we're going to start with to build our media empire. lol

      On the side, my GF just got ADI (Assistance Dogs International) accredited for Service and Hearing dogs today. It's kind of a big deal and it's going to really help legitimize our dog training business. She's also taking a voluntary layoff to spend some time on Pawsitive Vybe, instead of working for someone else. We're really excited. It's back to 2006 for us, back before she took a real job to make sure the dogs could eat and we could keep the lights on.

      Thanks for the help guys!

      Ron Watson
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      On Jun 29, 2010, at 2:42 PM, Mark Villase´┐Żor wrote:

      > Ron Watson: "Where did you get the CA-100, Mark? Japan? What did you pay for
      > it?"
      > Actually the US designation is the CA9 (same camcorder as the CA-100) but
      > they are difficult to find now-a-days, I have learned. I think we paid
      > something like $299 at WalMart (yeah, go figure) late last year sometime. It's
      > a trick little camcorder and operates flawlessly underwater; methinks, to a
      > depth of about five feet (although we never take it below a foot or so).
      > One alternative unit you may wish to consider for dock diving shoots is the
      > Sanyo Xacti VPC-WH1, available now through B&H for $282.90 (plus S&H). This
      > is a box camcorder, not a pistol grip, but is waterproof to just under 1/3
      > atmosphere (about 10 feet) according to Sanyo... Neither the CA9 (CA-100)
      > nor WH1 have external mic jacks, but there is a cost-effective workaround to
      > that (requires dubbing in post).
      > A suggestion for shooting fast-moving dogs at any angle (with mic plugs,
      > etc.), although slightly higher priced than what you indicated, would be the
      > Canon HV30/40. (Not waterproof, however.) We use them too for cover/B-roll
      > and shooting primary when hiking to places I won't take the XH A1s (it's a
      > dirt & dust thing with me). Although a tape-based camcorder I know of a
      > Wedding Videograpgher who uses multi HV40s for reception gigs, and I can't
      > tell the difference in image quality from my 3-CCD XH A1s (after color
      > corrections and such).
      > You can fetch a new HV40 presently from B&H for $649.00, with free shipping
      > and no tax if outside New York (great deal from a reputable dealer, BTW). If
      > price is an issue search Ebay for a "refurbished" HV30, which might be had
      > for around $500. Be sure to purchase from a Canon authorized dealer, as only
      > they are likely to have REAL factory refurbished units.
      > Happy Trails,
      > Mark Villase´┐Żor,
      > http://www.TailTrex.tv
      > Canine Adventures For Charity - sm
      > http://www.SOAR508.org

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