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  • ratbagradio
    ... Dream on! That s the quest. Since I ain t code proficient I m not about to redesign the web but it s the mix that matters -- and how to DISPLAY the mix. In
    Message 1 of 5 , May 3, 2010
      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "elbowsofdeath" <steve@...> wrote:

      > Are all the various ways that people can share different media on the web providing a good foundation and all we need is a nicer way of presenting and interacting with this stuff? I still daydream about better ways to mix microblogging, photos, video & music & conversations together on the web, but actual concrete ideas about how to do this seem to evade me.

      Dream on! That's the quest. Since I ain't code proficient I'm not about to redesign the web but it's the mix that matters -- and how to DISPLAY the mix.

      In my daily blog existence I post a lot of audio

      ---now using this cute flash generator

      I post slideshows either as powerpoint
      ---using slideshare

      ---or as image slideshows (when I use Picasa slideshow tool)

      or as pdf presentations, using Sribd

      and videos of course from all over...

      but to pull it together I've tried networking video
      and audio
      into channel aggregates.

      But ultimately I tend to believe it's not the site per see that matters but the RSS feed. Thats' where the magic happens.

      I think thats' the key direction that will over time likely bear the best fruit. It's so easy to mix and match feeds rather than websites.

      dave riley
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