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Correct subject lines (was Re: [videoblogging] Turnhere free videos)

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  • Jay dedman
    Just a quick note as the moderator of this list. I notice that we have a thread here under Turnhere free videos , yet none of the discussions are about
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2010
      Just a quick note as the moderator of this list. I notice that we have
      a thread here under "Turnhere free videos", yet none of the
      discussions are about Turnhere.

      Please appease my obsessive compulsive behavior and start a new email
      thread with a new subject heading when changing topics. This helps
      make the conversations understandable in our email inboxes.


      On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 7:55 PM, Tom Dolan <tomjdolan@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Been looking @ some video blog sites and comparing to the one I'm
      > building. I've imported two short videos I made, from YouTube just to
      > chk compatibility, etc. They appear in a list format on the Home page/
      > Blog and I can add commentary if I choose.... so far so good. But now,
      > I've been looking at other vid-blogs and some have a Player with
      > selections in a list connected to the player either under the Player
      > or to the side of the Player. Do you think that's a better format than
      > the more traditional 'blog' style where each is listed in its own
      > space? I know, content is important, nevertheless, I'd like to give
      > the visitor a format that is user friendly but surprise them with the
      > content. Opinions pleze.
      > BTW, Richard Harrington likes lijit. So I checked it out. Thought OK,
      > so I installed & configured it as small, non-intrusive, no ads. Kinda
      > neat, but the search on my site either had ads, or worse, if the
      > subject was not found on my site it offered off-site
      > locations...excuuuuse me! I deactivated the plugin, wrote lijit
      > support with ??'s and awaiting response.
      > I don't want ads at least for awhile. So back to WordPress Search for
      > now and I'm ok with it. Any experience w/lijit or opinions?
      > Inspirational Vid-blogs I should check-out?
      > Thanx.
      > Tom Dolan
      > tomjdolan@...

      917 371 6790
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