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iPod Nano shoots video

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  • Rupert Howe
    I just went to look at buying an iPod touch, thinking that it now had a video camera. Because the iPhone does. Turns out it doesn t . Typical Apple WTF BS.
    Message 1 of 36 , Sep 28, 2009
      I just went to look at buying an iPod touch, thinking that it now had
      a video camera. Because the iPhone does.

      Turns out it doesn't . Typical Apple WTF BS.

      But... wait for it... the new IPOD NANO *does*. WTF? BS.

      Anyway, the quality of the 640x480 H264 videos it shoots looks quite
      impressive. The colours are quite vibrant and there's a whole bunch
      of live video effects. Effects, I should add, that those stupid
      bastards have deleted from iMovie. WTF? BS.

      You can see samples here:

      Would certainly be a very discreet little camcorder for capturing the
      world around you.

      But really, though, Apple: WTF?


    • taoofdavid65
      If anyone is interested in seeing how the iPod Nano video quality is... A motovlogger friend of mine recently got one and tested it out in his car while
      Message 36 of 36 , Oct 6, 2009
        If anyone is interested in seeing how the iPod Nano video quality is...

        A motovlogger friend of mine recently got one and tested it out in his car while driving.


        To say the least, I'm impressed.

        I use a Kodak Zx1 velcro'd in my motorcycle helmet when I'm out riding about. It's fairly small and it does shoot HD video (complete overkill) but no where near as small as the iPod Nano. Sample Kodak Zx1 footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FBRnqzWtRc

        The danger of riding around on a motorcycle with a camera in the helmet does concern a fair amount of us motovloggers. One crash and that camera now becomes a dangerous brick bouncing around in the helmet. With the iPod Nano being so small and being able to shoot great video, I'm thinking that this might be my new camera of choice.

        Your mileage may vary :)


        --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Mike Meiser <groups-yahoo-com@...> wrote:
        > On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 11:21 AM, Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> wrote:
        > >
        > > It's strange to me that Nokia is open and Apple is closed, but
        > > developers have created many more applications for Apple than Nokia.
        > > Being a big fan of Open Source, it's just an example that usability
        > > will always win.
        > >
        > I'd like to second that sentiment. Usability is everything. I love that it's
        > central to apple's brand / marketing / advertising. In other words people
        > buy the iphone because they know from past experience that they'll be able
        > to use it.
        > Meanwhile the number of people who've bought other smartphones that don't
        > use but one or two features on a regular basis is extremely high.
        > (Particularly important because while in the top ten of features video is
        > just not impost people's central three or four features.)
        > To put it another way It's just to tedious to learn how to "set the clock on
        > the old vcr". We need features that are easy to use the first time... or
        > even once a year if that's all we need to use them. We don't have time to
        > relearn them when news is happening right under our noses.
        > Problem is when most people write a hard to use feature out of their
        > workflow on a smart phone it's usually permanent and they never go back to
        > it.
        > However, don't count open source out. It's primary accomplishments are it's
        > ability to aggregate market share like crazy... i.e. Android is already
        > becoming the primary tool in the fight of EVERYONE else vs. Apple. ... and
        > in it's ability to extremely quickly integrate the innovations (read
        > usability) of leading software... including innovations maybe NOT made by
        > apple.
        > This last is key because Apple is constantly shooting itself in the foot
        > playing market share games. The latest I heard was apple has bought up a
        > map company and thus will likely be cutting google out of it's core mapping
        > features. But more common examples are the obvious denial of applications
        > from the apple store that compete with Apple. Also the fact that it's
        > completely incompatible with every other piece of hardware.
        > Apple has gotten better but they still do have a habit of winning battles
        > and then loosing the war.
        > To reiterate, don't count open source out. Rome wasn't created in a day and
        > it's still relatively young on mobile seen and will be picking up more and
        > more developer, corporate and consumer marketshare as mobile computing
        > becomes the primary computing platform by which the other 99% of the world
        > experiences the technology and the web. And when I say other 99% you might
        > be saying "heh more then 1% of the world has computers", but I say 15 years
        > from now kids in high school will laugh at the idea that we use to have
        > computers that sat permanently on desks. It's not just the developing world
        > I'm talking about it's the next generation too.
        > There's tremendous opportunity for growth of the mobile computing market as
        > a whole (darn near infinite) and thus tremendous hope for Android to quickly
        > change the game.
        > I'd bend over backward to use it, but right now it doesn't have easy to use
        > video, photo, etc.
        > Just not quite there and the iphone is already there.
        > Counterpoint... Open source is there on the netbook front... whereas apple
        > is flailing there.
        > -Mike
        > As far as the camera on the iPhone 3GS, it's not something right home
        > > about. The image is pretty poor. Little control. Bad mic. BUT BUT BUT
        > > it is extremely easy to take a video and post it online. So easy.
        > >
        > > Hopefully, Apple with all their developers and design sense will just
        > > set the expectation for how all phones should be, open source
        > > included.
        > >
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