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WGBH Open Call: "Life Stories" Invitation

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    WGBH The Lab is proud to announce this fall s Open Call: Life Stories (http://lab.wgbh.org/open-call/nova/evolution). Inspired by Nova s spotlight
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2009
      WGBH The Lab is proud to announce this fall's Open Call: "Life Stories"

      Inspired by Nova's spotlight programming on Darwin and evolution, this Open Call is a marriage of science and creativity. The Lab challenges the general public, independent media makers, emerging talent, and the like to consider their own compelling perspectives or "Life Stories", craft unique videos, and share their vision with the world.

      When Charles Darwin looked at life, he saw that all living things—from the tiniest ant to the largest whale, and even human beings—are related. In his view, everything alive today descended ultimately from one common ancestor, like relatives on a family tree.

      Do you find this idea beautiful or disturbing? What do you see when you look at life?

      We'd like to know.

      This is a chance to share your vision with the world. We challenge you to make a three-minute video that offers a compelling perspective on all things living.

      Feel free to explore new genres, original concepts, alternative points of view, visually driven story lines, and other less conventional story forms.
      Be funny, provocative, and educational. Most important, be creative and have fun!

      For inspiration, take a look at our weekly updated video short at: http://lab.wgbh.org/open-call/nova/evolution.


      Almost anyone with something to say about our current theme can participate in the Lab's Open Call. To submit your completed video short, you:
      - Must be at least 18 years of age.
      - Must be a US resident.
      - Cannot be an employee of WGBH.

      You must be able to:
      - Certify that the completed work is original, and no other person or entity holds rights to the entry.
      - Certify that the completed work has had no prior cable, network or public television broadcast in the US.
      - Grant The WGBH Lab permission, to distribute your completed short in all manner and media to include, the web, and broadcast and cable television.

      Have a question not answered? Send us an e-mail at: wgbhlab@....

      We look forward to your submissions!
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