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Re: how do I remove vids from 5 Min?

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  • montecristo830
    Thanks, Jay. Good point about not reading the TOS. I didn t. In the TOS you quoted, it doesn t say anything about them using advertising on the video itself
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 3, 2009
      Thanks, Jay. Good point about not reading the TOS. I didn't. In the TOS you quoted, it doesn't say anything about them using advertising on the video itself (I understand on the site, they have to earn money somehow). I use CC w/Blip but maybe I should put the logo on my video? It's cool for others to distribute the video, by all means please do, but not ads on it w/o sharing the earnings.


      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> wrote:
      > > For over a year I've been using Tubemogul to upload videos to various
      > > sites. Recently I noticed that 5 Min is showing pre roll and overlay ads
      > > w/o my permission and w/o sharing any earnings. I emailed them kindly
      > > asking them to stop and haven't received a response and there doesn't seem
      > > to be a way to delete videos from the site.
      > > Anyone know how?
      > Ive never heard of this site: http://www.5min.com/Info/About5min.aspx
      > This is another good example that there's a couple different approaches to
      > the web.
      > First, if you want total control over your content...dont put it online.
      > Someone, somewhere will get to it...and may not care what you think.
      > Second, it's great that Tubemogul exists where you can easily upload a video
      > to hundreds of sites...but ultimately you are responsible for reading the
      > Terms of Service of each site. If you expect a site to host your video for
      > free, I see no reason why they wouldnt put ads all your videos. The only way
      > to discourage sites for this behavior is for creators to fight back.
      > Third, look into Creative Commons licensing (
      > http://creativecommons.org/license/). This wont stop people from abusing
      > your work, but at least you set some guidelines. The more creators help
      > create a culture that sharing is okay, attribution is standard, and respect
      > golden then the future of the web will be a better place.
      > So lets look at this site. Here is their TOS:
      > http://www.5min.com/Info/Terms.aspx
      > It looks like a lawyer wrote it which is always a bad sign for me. Here's
      > the rub:
      > By submitting the Submissions to 5min, you hereby grant 5min a worldwide,
      > > non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use,
      > > reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the
      > > Submissions in connection with the 5min Website and 5min (and its
      > > successor's) business, including without limitation for promoting and
      > > redistributing part or all of the 5min Website (and derivative works
      > > thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. The foregoing
      > > license granted by you terminates once you remove or delete a Submission
      > > from the 5min Website. To have your Submission removed, please contact
      > > support@...
      > >
      > You basically say they can do anything they want with your videos. I never
      > upload to a place if I have to ask permission to remove the videos.
      > Jay
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