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Re: [videoblogging] Re: scoping out a camera

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  • Rupert
    Fair enough! If you re going to be transcoding anyway, the HD Xactis are good little pocket cameras which record to memory card. Some of them have great
    Message 1 of 13 , Apr 30, 2009
      Fair enough!

      If you're going to be transcoding anyway, the HD Xactis are good
      little pocket cameras which record to memory card. Some of them have
      great picture quality (some do not), and some have Mic In. The
      cheaper HD Xactis may be missing extra features like image
      stabilization, but as noted here a few weeks ago, David Howell bought
      an HD Xacti for $100 from Walmart (now $200) which has surprisingly
      good picture quality (but no image stabilization).

      I don't know anything about larger cameras that record onto memory
      card. Most of the larger tapeless cameras are now hard disk drive
      cameras recording HD in AVCHD - but as mentioned before, just be
      careful that you can use this format with your Macs and FCX. Firstly
      make sure that you can even get it off the camera (seriously - this
      can be a problem with older Macs without the latest FCP or iMovie 8/9)
      and secondly that you can transcode it into something useful, and
      thirdly that the transcoding doesn't take several hours to do an hour
      of video. The difference between transcode/export times on my 1.67Ghz
      G4 powerbook and my 2.66Ghz Macbook Pro is the difference between a
      bicycle and a rocket - and that's just with DV & 640x480 - I wouldn't
      even want to try using or transcoding HD video on my G4.

      Also, Visualhub has been discontinued. I think Handbrake have taken
      over where it left off, or you could use Super C or Mpegstreamclip.


      There are a bunch of HD Xactis, too, that you might want to
      On 30-Apr-09, at 10:01 AM, Jason Daniels wrote:

      > But a video on the Internet Archive will last forever.
      > Anyways, even if I have to use a third party tool like Visual Hub, I
      > would
      > really like to bypass the tapes. My budget is calling for tape costs
      > of
      > $650 per year, and that is at about 2.25 per tape.
      > On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 9:37 PM, Richard Amirault <ramirault@...
      > >wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > ----- Original Message -----
      > > From: "Gena"
      > >
      > > > My mistake - take out the analog tape and replace it with
      > digital tape. I
      > >
      > > > still think it is wrong to invest in a fading technology.
      > > >
      > > > Everything fails - that is why you make backups and do the best
      > you can
      > > to
      > > > reduce the gotchas.
      > >
      > > A backup on video tape will last a *lot* longer than on a DVD or a
      > hard
      > > drive.
      > >
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