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  • Kevin Lim
    Hello Kara, Glad to see Spot.us making rounds. This community funded news reporting venture explores both the future of journalism and social
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 22, 2009
      Hello Kara,
      Glad to see Spot.us making rounds.

      This "community funded news reporting" venture explores both the
      future of journalism and social entrepreneurship, so I hope it gains
      footing in SF. Hopefully the idea makes its way across other cities,
      but I'd ultimately be excited to see a similar model adopted in third
      world countries for better news representation. This would totally
      compliment Global Voices Online.

      Which reminds me, I've got an interview with David Cohn waiting to be
      edited and shared.

      Kevin Lim
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      On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 3:31 PM, Adam Warner <awarner20@...> wrote:
      > Great project, it's blogged...
      > http://oneeyedview.com/community-funded-reporting-spotus
      > Adam W. Warner
      > http://wordpressmodder.org
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      > From: Kara Andrade <kara.andrade@...>
      > To: videoblogging@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 3:18:52 PM
      > Subject: [videoblogging] Spot.Us
      > Thank you Jay for referring to SpotUs!
      > It¹s a pleasure and honor to be on this group list off and on for a few
      > years and to see our organization, just launched in Nov 2008, mentioned! I'm
      > grateful for the opportunity because we are currently working on funding two
      > stories, one of them a video story on Oscar Grant, the one mentioned
      > http://spot. us/pitches/ 101.
      > We could really use more support from the community. Here's the e-mail we've
      > been sending out. If there's any way for all of you to help us by sending
      > e-mail blasts to anyone that you think might be interested we would be
      > sincerely appreciative! Since we're a platform and a tool for the community,
      > it's really the community we count on to drive what we do!
      > Thanks everybody!
      > --
      > SPOT.US: www.spot.us
      > 33 Pearl Street #12 | san francisco ca 94103
      > t: 510.384.0788
      > kara@...
      > Dear Spot.Us Supporters,
      > Spot.Us is at it again! This time it is for a cause that is as old as civic
      > journalism itself: the struggle between authority and those who are
      > violently stricken down by authority.
      > As many know, Oscar Grant III was fatally shot by a BART police officer on
      > New Years eve 2008 at the Fruitvale train station in Oakland, Calif. The
      > subsequent protests and riots proved just how potent the subject of race and
      > power is in Oakland. It is no surprise that our investigation into the
      > Oakland Police department (ongoing) was funded by so many concerned and
      > generous citizens in Oakland only four days before this shooting.
      > We are writing to you now because we believe the young man and father, Oscar
      > Grant, deserves to have his story told. It's an issue that concerns the
      > Oakland community and affects us all.
      > Who was Oscar Grant? How does this play out in the history of race as a
      > palpable subject in Oakland?
      > Learn More and Take Action! - http://spot. us/pitches/ 101
      > Your small donation is an investment in community-driven reporting.
      > There are countless untold stories in the Bay Area, from Oscar Grants death
      > to the phasing out of Oakland schools (another Spot.Us pitch) and they need
      > your support.
      > Journalism can make a difference - in some situations, it can be the legacy
      > of a man fatally shot down before his time. Lets make sure his story is
      > told.
      > Your small donation will go towards the short documentary about Oscar Grant.
      > Learn More and Take Action! - http://spot. us/pitches/ 101
      > Sincerely,
      > The Spot.Us Team
      > David Cohn - Director
      > Kara Andrade - Online Community Organizer
      > 3a.
      > Money will come to you
      > Posted by: "Jay dedman" jay.dedman@gmail. com kinshasa2000
      > Wed Jan 21, 2009 4:27 pm (PST)
      > We cringe and argue about money and videoblogging often on this list.
      > (probably because it's important and always in our face)
      > Here's an example of community funded media projects:
      > http://spot. us/pitches/ 101
      > David Cohn has done a great job making the site usuable.
      > I've said before that I think the same thing can happen for anyone's
      > videoblog.
      > If you are creating video projects that people care about, they will fund
      > it.
      > You got to hustle just like with anything...but I think it's a great
      > alternative to straight up advertising.
      > Notice that this is more than a Paypal Button on the sidebar.
      > You must actually create a Pitch with a clear explanation of the
      > project, who you are, deliverables, a specific monetary goal, and a
      > timeframe.
      > You probably wont get rich doing this, but you'll make the projects
      > you love and building a body of work.
      > You'll also know if anyone cares since they'll be putting their money
      > where their mouth is.
      > Jay
      > --
      > http://ryanishungry .com
      > http://jaydedman. com
      > 917 371 6790
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