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analog tv

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  • KaRi from TPSradio
    Hi, KaRi from ThePrimeSpot.com here, looking for live webcast hosts better than Ustream.TV or Stickam.com for SERIOUS TV! (email me at theprimespot@aol.com)
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 28, 2008
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      Hi, KaRi from ThePrimeSpot.com here, looking for live webcast hosts
      better than Ustream.TV or Stickam.com for SERIOUS TV! (email me at

      Anyway, while brainstorming back and forth with "my" machinima
      moviemaker http://LucindaMcNary.com about SAVING CABLE ACCESS
      TELEVISION, I rec'd this from her re: Analog.

      Have a great new year, I think 2009 is THE year for electronic media!

      - KaRi

      (from Lucinda to me: re: analog):

      Here is what I think you were talking about and if not, you should be
      intertested in this. Because in February the US is going all digital,
      that frees up all the current analogue TV channels for broadcast.
      Read the following article


      This is awaiting approval by the FCC who are very positive that this
      will be available and of course, it will reach people who cannot
      afford the new digital TV boxes or TVs capable of providing this

      All these channels should be available for public TV.

      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jen Simmons <jensimmons@...>
      > A call for video submissions from a friend's project.
      > Get more info at: http://virtualmemory.wordpress.com/call-for-
      > The Virtual Memory Project is calling for submissions :
      > We are soliciting and collecting short films and videos
      > describing, or otherwise acknowledging the analog-digital
      > for a curated, traveling film program to coincide with the analog
      > switch-off in February 2009.
      > Farewell, Analog : What's this all about ?
      > In February 2009, analog broadcast television signals will cease.
      > Somewhere back in the first half of the previous century, the
      > analog broadcast signal floated out across the air.
      > Ever since, analog processes, technologies and aesthetics have
      > our existence - we've been sending and receiving analog, speaking
      > each other through these long, sinewy, unreliable analog waves -
      > now we'll officially replace them with digital packets, invisible
      > streams of 0s and 1s that wouldn't know an antenna from a reel-to-
      > Will you miss it ?
      > Does it matter ?
      > Are you an analog purist ? Do you prefer celluloid to megapixels ?
      > Or are you a digital prophet ? Streaming along above the fray - no
      > rabbit ears for you…
      > Love it or hate it, analog's been a good friend to us - shouldn't
      > say goodbye ?
      > Make something, and submit your work today !
      > Criteria :
      > Submitted films don't have to reference the analog switch-off
      > but should be closely related to the themes of :
      > – the quirks, pleasures and frustrations of analog technology
      > photography, vinyl, radio, magnetic tape, vacuum tubes, cathode
      > television, etc etc)
      > – obsolescence (do all technologies have to end ?)
      > – digital future (utopia or apocalypse, you tell us)
      > – the difference between analog and digital
      > – the work of art in the age of digital reproduction, etc, etc
      > All genres accepted - Documentary, Experimental, Narrative and
      > Animation, etc
      > Works may be newly created for the project, or be existing works.
      > Work will be reviewed for thematic content, production quality,
      > programming viability.
      > Length :
      > No limitations, but length may affect submission's ability to be
      > programmed
      > Deadline :
      > Submit work by January 23, 2009.
      > Jen Simmons
      > Milkweed Media Design
      > http://milkweedmediadesign.com
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