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2c. Re: A Youtube to Blip Transaction

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  • ~ FluxRostrum
    I too have seen a much greater response in ads served on my YouTube account than on Blip. (UNFORTUNATELY) my YouTube Channel gets a lot more views than my
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2008
      I too have seen a much greater response in ads served on my YouTube account than on Blip.
      (UNFORTUNATELY) my YouTube Channel gets a lot more views than my website. It's a numbers game.

      Also, Google Adsense ads are extremely NonJudgemental of your content. They're just matching keywords and such. So, once you get past the GATEKEEPERS that say who gets to share ad revenue and who doesn't... the thought of advertisers not wanting to advertise on your content for whatever reason doesn't make sense to me. If you feel this is your case than maybe you should look at how you are Naming your posts and the descriptions and keywords you are associating with them.

      Of course if you're talking about a "sponsorship" deal, well, that's totally judgmental.

      And, no, I don't think you need millions of views per video to generate a supplemental revenue stream... unless you need to hire some French Maids. '~)


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      2c. Re: A Youtube to Blip Transaction
      Posted by: "Tim Street" 1timstreet@... videopodcastman
      Date: Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:41 am ((PST))

      Blip.TV provides a great high quality free service and so does YouTube
      for that matter. They are FREE!

      As far as advertising revenue goes it's the chicken vs the egg. Sites
      need great content that advertisers want to advertise around.

      I get millions of views of French Maid TV but many advertisers don't
      want their brands associated with French Maids. I get that.

      I also don't publish on a regular bases. Advertisers want consistently
      delivered, safe, emotionally engaging content. I get that too.

      It's has been and it is going to continue to be very hard to make
      money in video advertising unless you deliver fresh, stimulating
      content on a regular basis that gets millions of views a day.

      It would be great if I could just create content, post it and get paid
      while still retaining ownership of my content but that world doesn't
      exist yet.

      YouTube or Blip.TV can't help you unless you have something that gets
      millions of views that they can sell to an advertiser.

      Now selling sponsorships yourself is a whole different story.

      Tim Street

      On Nov 30, 2008, at 9:15 AM, JAMES HART wrote:

      > At least Youtube pays something through it's ad share program.
      > I've actually received checks that can pay for my water bill. With
      > Blip, the ad share amount and/or hits is so low that I've yet
      > to break $10 with over 20 videos on the site...
      > James
      > LPE360
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