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Re: From Mac *TO* PC -- Should I Switch?

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  • Heath
    I m a long time PC user, one of the few it seems on this list somedays ;) Anyway, I can t compare apples to apples, but I will say that XP is a pretty good
    Message 1 of 38 , Jun 9, 2008
      I'm a long time PC user, one of the few it seems on this list
      somedays ;) Anyway, I can't compare apples to apples, but I will
      say that XP is a pretty good operating system, IMO and I have been
      using Vegas for my editing needs since I have started vlogging. Sony
      Vegas is the bomb for PC's, again IMO. One thing I really like about
      Vegas is that it will run really well on a mid range PC, it's stable
      and I think pretty easy to use. If you do decide to switch and do
      get Vegas and have any questions, just let me know, I'm more than
      happy to help out any way I can.


      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Stan Hirson, Sarah Jones"
      <shirson@...> wrote:
      > I'm a long-time Apple user. I started with them on a II+ with
      > incursions into DOS and Windows, but for almost 10 years now I have
      > been using Apple and editing on FCP. I have been a satisfied Mac
      > until a couple of years ago when I had various issues with upgrade
      > policies and software glitches caused by upgrades of various Apple
      > programs.
      > I won't go into my list of issues, but in sum I have been less than
      > satisfied with Apple in both depth and candor.
      > I need a new laptop. My 17" PB G4 needs to be upgraded and
      > I just priced a new MacBook Pro 17" and it really comes out to about
      > $4,000 with AppleCare, some software I'll need, etc,. I took a look
      > one yesterday and was impressed. With everything but the price.
      > Up until I no longer trusted Apple, I would have gone for it even at
      > that price.
      > I'm thinking of moving to a PC and using XP Pro and possibly Vegas
      > even Premiere for all my web editing and production. (Pretty much
      > straight cutting, no FX.) How bad can a PC be? There are a lot of
      > people using them. And there is a broader source of support.
      > But I live in the country, about a 2 hour drive or train from NYC,
      > it is a pain for me to browse around different computer stores to
      > a hands on feel for screen quality and software options.
      > I'm wondering if I can get any experience of this group... I've
      > used Vegas or Avid Express and I'm wondering about the difference
      > between that option and Final Cut Express -- I do not need or intend
      > to shell out for Final Cut Pro.
      > Just exploring the options. I'm finding Apple and its store staff
      > arrogant and obnoxious. Is it something I just have to live with?
      > do some of the other companies that actually have to compete with
      > other provide better products and service?
      > Frustrated in the stix...
      > Stan Hirson
      > http://hestakaup.com
    • kaytoh1414
      About your last point, i m not sure if i m reading it correctly, but you can use a program called PowerMenu which gives you an option to to give an window an
      Message 38 of 38 , Jun 14, 2008
        About your last point, i'm not sure if i'm reading it correctly, but
        you can use a program called PowerMenu which gives you an option to to
        give an window an attribute of being "always on top"


        --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Kath O'Donnell" <aliak77@...>
        > I'd always had a pc (work) laptop until I bought a macbook pro for
        > home. I couldn't afford a mac and the pc did most things I wanted it
        > to. but usually I had to fix it before I could use it - even for
        > simple installations - there was usually something missing and I had
        > to install extra bits or the s/w I wanted to try was only on mac.
        > since buying the mac I haven't had to do this, so I've found I prefer
        > using it and am more productive on it than before when I had a pc. I
        > can just sit down and start making things so I find it's better for my
        > creativity levels. I like the software that comes with it - iphoto etc
        > and how it's easier for me wrt to music/video/development tools. I'm
        > an engineer and work on computers all day at work - years ago I used
        > to like fixing computers & kept up with hardware specs etc but now I'd
        > much rather just use one. I still have a windows laptop for work and
        > work on linux/posix systems too so go through the pain at work. but
        > for home I wouldn't go back to pc now except for maybe a cheaper
        > storage server desktop/archive system solution as it'd only be used
        > for file storage perhaps remote access to files, though with cheap
        > ISP online disk storage options available these days even this is a
        > stretch. the one I bought originally had a screen problem - I think I
        > must have bought one of the first batches - and the apple store
        > support from where I bought it was terrible. eventually I went to
        > apple australia during a trip home and they arranged a replacement and
        > since then everything's worked well. they said it's easier to purchase
        > online rather than the stores as the stores don't have the same
        > infrastructure they used to for getting things fixed. if I'd known
        > that at the time I would have bought it online originally like my
        > first apple product - the ipod. the mac was more expensive but for me
        > I don't care about that because it's saved more time in me having to
        > get things to work first go & actually getting something creative
        > done, so was worth the money. over time the difference isn't much. the
        > only problem I have now is I fill the disk all the time but that's a
        > user issue not machine. I wish they'd let me use the mac at work
        > instead of the pc. the best thing I like about OSX (& linux) is that
        > when you open a few things at once and are working in one screen the
        > other screens open in background and u can select them when u are
        > ready. whereas windows pushes everything to the front when it's ready
        > - it doesn't care if you're in the middle of typing something in an
        > already selected window. this annoys me no end on a pc at work!!
        > --
        > http://www.aliak.com
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