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Re: camera advice

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  • Bill Cammack
    ... by now, I ll apologize ... discussion for whatever they ... be a run and gun, pocket ... around and trick it out for ... kit and a pro photo lens ... Using
    Message 1 of 21 , May 26, 2008
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      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Adam Mercado" <adam@...> wrote:
      > Since I know you already got the DVX100 and this thread is kinda old
      by now, I'll apologize
      > for such a delayed response. But I'll a couple of thoughts to the
      discussion for whatever they
      > are worth.
      > The thing I like about the HV20 and its ilk is the ability for it to
      be a run and gun, pocket
      > sized vlogger/consumer item, but still have the ability to turn
      around and trick it out for
      > studio work. Using a follow focus set up like a Red Rocks Micro rail
      kit and a pro photo lens
      > these cameras start to look much more 'pro' (at least to clients).
      Using the HDMI output into a
      > BlackMagic Intensity card on a MacPro (how long before a PCMCIA
      version exists for
      > MacBookPro use) you can capture FULL UNCOMPRESSED HD video!! You'll
      need a RAID set up
      > of course and it gets spendy with all that gear. But how many
      cameras can deliver
      > uncompressed HD with a pro set up, then get stripped down to take
      out on family trips or
      > vlogging excursions. And for less than the HDV cams do. I would
      seriously consider this
      > option when I finally replace my DV camera.
      > Stu Maschwitz has done plenty of writing and testing on his Prolost blog
      > http://prolost.com

      Prolost looks really interesting. Thanks for the link, Adam. :)

      Bill Cammack
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