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Re: [videoblogging] Starting Young

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  • Irina
    very cute! ... -- http://geekentertainment.tv [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2008
      very cute!

      On 4/27/08, Christopher Bergeron <cberge43@...> wrote:
      > So I've been working for a while now on starting a few projects.
      > Setup was a bit slow and thing were starting to come together when my
      > seven year old son informs me that he wants to do his own Video Blog.
      > He pitched the idea one night at bedtime not too long ago and he was
      > doing so well with his brainstorming that I was taking notes. He said
      > he wanted to do a show about food, about kids and food. To try and
      > show kids that they can cook. Show parents that their kids can cook.
      > And teach people about good food that's good for them. We talked for
      > quite some time about just how he was thinking about doing that.
      > He talked and asked questions about his favorite food network stars,
      > and then sat up and asked. "Hey dad. If we do a good job, I mean a
      > super good job, and really help people, do you think we could earn
      > some money doing it?" "Yes Ryan," I said "Helping people is exactly
      > how you make money." My little capitalist, wanting to monetize from
      > day one.
      > In his dreamy falling asleep voice that night he said "I'm going to be
      > a star daddy" and then he was out. Kinda hard to let something like
      > that go.
      > SO his first episode went online this weekend. He is very proud of
      > himself and is already planning next weeks show. He's loving the
      > attention he's getting especially the comments that are starting to
      > come in. I think he did very well indeed for his first time out of
      > the gate. Heck he's doing better than I am.
      > http://www.RyansKitchen.tv
      > Now his three year old brother wants to get in on the action. It just
      > goes to show that you're never too young.
      > Hope everyone is having a fun weekend.
      > -Chris
      > http://www.TheRamblingLoggerhead.com


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