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Re: [videoblogging] Re: Plugin for Video Comments

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  • Sull
    ShiftSpace is interesting, thanks for the headsUp.
    Message 1 of 71 , Feb 1, 2008
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      ShiftSpace is interesting, thanks for the headsUp.

      On Feb 1, 2008 10:13 AM, Kath O'Donnell <aliak77@...> wrote:
      > yeah that would be cool. shiftspace have an api so perhaps it's
      > something that can be done now/future, not sure. they can replace
      > images already so the view of the page via shiftspace is different to
      > the real page. adding layers/dimensions to the web. like a stack.
      > perhaps a layer to replace your video over all/part of it so you could
      > quote it that way, allow part of the original to display. perhaps I
      > gave the wrong impression - it's not just a notes/stickies plugin
      > though that's one feature. the notes are put into a console at bottom
      > of the screen and people can vote on shifting them up/down in the list
      > and mark as spam etc. they display on the page when u select them
      > they have a grant available to encourage people/projects to use
      > it/develop more tools. could be of interest to the devs here.
      > On Feb 1, 2008 5:37 AM, Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > in the hypertext development community there was an effort to make
      > > (well, they did make) systems that let you annotate any other webpage
      > > and these annotations would be stored centrally to be distributed to
      > > others who used the service. The point was to add another layer on top
      > > of published page, much like how you make annotations when reading a
      > > book, but of course to share these.
      > >
      > > thinking out of left field, this would be really cool using flash or
      > > QT as you could have a layer (toggle its visibility) which could show
      > > such annotations, eg othre videos elsewhere that refer to this
      > > particular video. Could be time based too...
      > >
      > >
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    • Sull
      Charles, Regarding semantic markup... Indeed. That s why i made mention of XFN earlier to imply that taking the same concepts of people relations through
      Message 71 of 71 , Feb 5, 2008
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        Regarding semantic markup... Indeed.
        That's why i made mention of XFN earlier to imply that taking the same
        concepts of people relations through semantics (my profiles and
        friends profiles and discovering connections), the same should be
        applied to the conversations being had among these people.

        If you are posting a response to another post (barring
        trackback/pingback/linkback), making use of semantic markup can build
        the graph that can be mapped out and presented logically. a simple
        rel or rev with url to the permalink and/or media file along with
        other sensible extensions is how this thing should sprout

        I've thought a little on what structure can be applied. When thinking
        about media pooling, such as the Semanal video pool.... its not truly
        about commenting, replying and responding. its about contributing and
        But a contributed video to Semanal can also be a response to another
        video. So it might make sense to focus on multiple methods and means
        to interconnecting media and people in ways that can be trailed via
        web services and plugins to common platforms such as WP, Drupal etc.

        As far as output... how it all would look and feel. that's maybe a
        bit moot in the beginning stages because once the groundwork is in
        place, then developers and designers can have infinite ways to present
        the relationships and content. I think MIke pointed that out earleir
        in this thread or somewhere. It's all challenging and definately the
        look and feel discussion is important and should be happening
        concurrently... with people doing mockups and prototypes. But some
        level of samepageism needs to be set.

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