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Re: Most of a vBlog and more started.

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  • jonnygoldstein
    That s awesome. Welcome.
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2005
      That's awesome. Welcome.

      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "shimadragon" <shimadragon@y...> wrote:
      > Hey everyone my name is Kevin but most people call me Shima, one of
      > those nicknames that stuck :). I used to run a Podcast called
      > Shiimadragon Radio that didn't go to great either time i started it
      > with 6 episodes in the can in all. I started listening to podcast
      > first with Adam Curry and then many more. It all sounded so cool,
      > easy, and a great way to express myself. I guess being a right brained
      > person i found it hard to be creative with out being visual. With that
      > i closed down SD Radio and almost closed down my whole blog but left
      > it open with kind of a new project comming soon thing.
      > By chance a friend of mine sent me an article about the youngest video
      > blogger in the world and i think we all know who that was :) Well i
      > started to dig a bit more and found the rest of the Verdi family
      > sites. I downloaded all the videos and really started getting into
      > this whole thing. Michael Verdi posted his howto on doing a vblog for
      > free and that was the last straw. Time to add video blogger to my list
      > of things to try.
      > Soon before this my 2 cousins and i decided that we were going to get
      > together and start a small and free company dealing with all kinds of
      > cool projects like a pdf magazine and videos. Into my head pops the
      > idea lets move this online and add in a vblog to post clips of the
      > videos we make. With that black hat production was born and the site
      > was opened at http://www.shiimadragontech.com/ using alot of the tips
      > from Michael's freevlog idea.
      > A few problems quicky came to the top. First at 23, 17, and 12 we are
      > by far the richest people in the world so we have very little in the
      > way of gear. I have my iBook and a 5MP camera that does Mpeg 4 video
      > and with some help from the new iLife we can do some lower end video
      > work. We really want to get a miniDV cam and are saving like mad to
      > get one along with some other software. Some family fundraising as
      > well as a good ol paypal donation link has helped a ton in this regard.
      > Our whole family thinks its neat as heck that we are trying this and
      > have been nothing but supporting to us in our efforts to run our
      > little nothing to sell company and vblog. Every dime we make is thrown
      > right back into our site, gear, and content the way we have always
      > wanted it. We don't need profit we need suplies so we can have more fun.
      > We all want to thank Michael Verdi, everyone who has a feed listed in
      > Ant, and our family for showing us this great new way to be creative
      > and have tons of fun doing it.
      > Soon to be the newest video bloggers and owners of a yet to be named
      > company.
      > Michael "Yoshi" Vantine, Brandon "B-Boy" Vantine, and Kevin "Shima" Money
      > Peace and thanks for your time.
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