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friend of FOUR EYED MONSTERS needs your help!!!

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  • Brian Gonzalez
    hello friends! alfra and i need extras for our music video! a little about the project: its a short film/music video set in the 30 s/40 s. the scene we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2007
      hello friends!

      alfra and i need extras for our music video!

      a little about the project:

      its a short film/music video set in the 30's/40's. the scene we are
      shooting takes place in a cabaret club, dimly lit and smoky. the
      projected date of the shoot is saturday night, december 1st, starting
      at around 4:30pm.

      there are requirements. for men, we need suits and preferrably with a
      fedora or trilby or the likes. if you do not have one, that is fine.
      for women, we need dresses, preferrably within the era, but anything
      timeless is just fine. the hair dressing will be much more important.
      all extras will have to provide their own hair dressing, which isn't
      much, and we can give you ideas of styles. we will have someone to do
      the finishing touchs. more detailed information will be provided when
      your roles are confirmed.

      also, you must live in the new york city area.

      we will be providing food and refreshments. basically, this is a dress
      up/costume party for a film shoot, so ya'll can hang out and be in the
      movie and make merriment (just don't get too wasted of course! i need
      people to be able to stand...)

      so if you are free and interested, that would be great! this will be
      so much fun!

      please let us know if you are interested at your earliest convenience.

      serious inquiries only please.

      *also, i need a dp, an ad, and any pa's for that night. feel free to
      send this off.*

      music video/short film about a cabaret singer lost in fame, alienation
      and insecurities. prudence teacup sells her soul to the devil for
      fame, and the devil turns out to be herself. there's an "angel"
      involved too. we've shot half of the film already in the catskills
      and it came out great. for this scene, a dark smoky cabaret club with
      an audience. it is all the shots just before she performs, which in
      the end you don't get to see, because the story is not about that. i
      am building a set in my loft. track and dolly shots, hand held,
      sticks, all on dvx100a. this club scene is ultimately going to be b/w
      in post.

      saturday night, starting at 4pm for cast, earlier for crew. the set
      should be all set with lighting and everything by then.

      if anyone is interested, please contact me at josephyhung@... or
      to expediate the process, call me at 347.683.9878

      sorry, its low budget, so we have no money to pay, but you will get
      fed, credit, and copy. and all in all, it'll be fun with many
      beautiful people here.

      Brian Gonzalez

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