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Charity and a service

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  • bordercollieaustralianshepherd
    First: This site is a creation of and run by a friend (Michael Airington aka Ester Goldberg &
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2007
      First: This site is a creation of and run by a friend (Michael
      Airington aka Ester Goldberg
      <http://www.nowlive.com/member.asp?id=100235123> &
      <http://www.estegoldberg.com/>) of mine. I DO not get any money or
      gain anything by passing this on. I think that it is a good site,
      great idea, and relevant to the last couple of threads I replied to.

      The site is <http://www.reelgreetings.com/>
      From the "About" page:
      "...ReelGreetings is a greeting company providing a one-stop solution
      for the important people in your life. At ReelGreetings.com, you can
      personalize your greetings, set up a calendar reminding you of special
      occasions, customize your account and even keep track of those closest
      to you. Whether that be your best friends, a lover, your family, a
      mentor, or someone you like to joke around with."

      They are running a few promotions one of which is tied to a charity
      Bobbi Billard
      <http://www.reelgreetings.com/Greetings/?v=133&rt=category> Adrian
      Adrianne Curry is also participating on

      Michael Airington is a comedian, writer/producer, his style and
      audience are for adults as are these video greetings. His shows air on
      NowLive.com and Adrianne Curry is a regular contributor/collaborator
      on his shows as well as Host of her own NowLive.com program

      I don't know very much about Bobbi except that she too has a show

      Inexpensive gift and helps a cause. <http://www.reelgreetings.com/>

      Regardless of your opinion about the content/subject matter there is a
      lot that can be learned and utilized.

      Hats off to anyone and everyone that makes a difference!
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