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Job Opening: Education Coordinator for Brooklyn Community Access TV

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  • carlos@papertiger.org
    dear friends, educators and compadres in grassroots media, we have an opening for a full-time education coordinator here at bcat. the person who had been the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2007
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      dear friends, educators and compadres in grassroots media,

      we have an opening for a full-time education coordinator here at bcat. the
      person who had been the education coordinator before was a wonderful
      addition to our small team of instructors but he left bcat to pursue
      production work with one of the big boyz: viacom. the reason i bring this
      up is because the ideal person for this job is someone who is committed to
      the social purpose of media and not just someone who wants to be a
      filmmaker. i don't mean this to disparage folks whose ambition is to
      create content and affect change through their work but the person we need
      is someone who understands the importance of educating their community on
      how communications tools can work technically to aid in relating your
      ideas, thoughts, and experiences and politically to pacify, distract and
      compel to action. in other words, a media activist who advocates for media
      reform in both their vocational and creative pursuits.

      i know that's asking a lot given the entry level starting salary but if
      you know someone who fits the bill, please forward this email or the
      attached document.


      JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Education Coordinator

      Located in the heart of Brooklyn's cultural district in Fort Greene,
      Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT) is Brooklyn's public access
      cable television franchise. A program of BRIC Arts|Media|Brooklyn, BCAT
      provides low cost media education training for Brooklyn residents through
      its Center for Media Education; operates three channels of cable
      television for use by the public to create and present programs of
      community interest; and produces programs of interest to Brooklyn
      residents. The community services and programs provided by BCAT make a key
      contribution to the mission of BRIC Arts|Media|Brooklyn, a non-profit
      cultural organization established in 1979 to present cultural, educational
      and informational programs that reflect Brooklyn's diverse population and
      support Brooklyn's cultural and economic renaissance. BCAT also functions
      as an educational facility that teaches all aspects of television
      production to members of the Brooklyn community. Employees often perform
      their duties in a mentoring capacity.
      BCAT is seeking a fulltime Education Coordinator. Reporting to the
      Education Manager, the Education Coordinator will provide assistance and
      support to both BCAT Certified Producers and the Brooklyn community in
      order to facilitate the use of Brooklyn’s Public Access Television
      Duties include, but are not limited to:
      • Acting as a mentor, providing technical and/or creative consultation to
      the public
      • Assist in curriculum development by working with Education Manager in
      creating course material and advancing educational program
      • Assist in the assessment of education program through documentation &
      other follow-up activities
      • Being a source of information about BCAT's educational initiatives
      • Assist in facilitating regular on-site BCAT orientation sessions for
      Brooklyn residents
      • Assist and provide technical support for community producers in linear
      and non-linear editing, TV studio productions, and multimedia projects
      • On occasion, assist in the instruction of video, TV studio, and
      multimedia workshops for community producers and community based
      • Facilitate screening & discussion series for community-produced
      • Assist in the production of short promotional videos for BCAT’s Brooklyn
      Bulletin Board Television channel
      • Assist in the development, implementation, and management of the BCAT
      mentorship program
      • Assist in the development, implementation, and management of the BCAT
      Internship Program
      • Assist in securing partnerships with Brooklyn community-based
      organizations leading to their participation with BCAT
      • Filing, faxing, making copies, database entry, and other office duties
      • Provide professional development to BCAT staff via instruction in areas
      of video, TV studio, and multimedia production
      • Other duties as assigned
      The ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience teaching
      digital video cameras and non-linear editing programs (Avid Xpress Pro
      preferred); possess a Bachelor’s degree or better in media production;
      have exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills and conflict
      resolution knowledge; be highly organized and detail oriented; be able to
      communicate effectively with a diverse public; have a strong interest in
      alternative and community media, and be comfortable working in a
      professional television studio and control room. The candidate should be
      available to work on weekends as needed.
      Salary: $28,000
      Interested candidates should send cover letter, resume, and the names and
      contact information for three references by Friday, October 26, 2007 to:
      Education Coordinator Position
      Attn: Human Resources
      BRIC Arts|Media|Brooklyn
      647 Fulton Street 2nd Floor
      Brooklyn, New York 11217
      This position is open until filled.
      BRIC Arts|Media|Brooklyn is an equal opportunity employer.

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