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Re: [videoblogging] Vlog Europe Update!!!!

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  • Raymond M. Kristiansen
    Hey all, Short version: Yes, VlogEurope 07 is on! September 1st-2nd, Heidelberg, Germany. News and related discussions Blog-style: www.vlogeurope.com Facebook:
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2007
      Hey all,

      Short version:

      Yes, VlogEurope 07 is on! September 1st-2nd, Heidelberg, Germany.
      News and related discussions
      Blog-style: www.vlogeurope.com
      Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/3d9hgc
      Twitter: http://twitter.com/vlogeurope

      Sign up!: http://vlogeurope.com/wiki/index.php?title=2007_Participants

      Long version:

      Gosh, it has been a long time since I followed the conversations over here
      at the yahoogroups!

      Yes, VlogEurope is a go - in 1 month from now! If you attended VlogEurope 05
      in Amsterdam or 06 in Milan, you know what to expect. An intimate
      atmosphere, lots of discussions in the corridor, or the cityscape, or the
      nature, some good eating, and overall a setting that is a bit less about the
      hype and a bit more about the discussions, the questions, the interaction
      with other videobloggers.

      When I think back at videoblogging since it has developed when I first
      started doing this - it is an amazing thing. Back then, bandwidth was our
      biggest worry. I remember Ryanne Hodson or Michael Verdi talking about their
      bandwidth issues. Then, Ourmedia came around, and then blip.tv and youtube
      and later a zillion other networks and services catering to our use. The
      scene has changed, but some of the questions still remain.

      I remember one of the topics at VlogEurope 05 in wonderful Amsterdam was
      "long-term vlogging". How do we manage to do this in a long-term manner? How
      do we make sure that our children and grand-children have access to this
      media? Still, it seems like the internet archive is one of the safest bets -
      at least they DO promise you that they will keep your media forever (even if
      that is not possible beyond a certain timeframe).

      This year's VlogEurope is, like the others, mainly a meet-up of
      videobloggers. We might have a stage, and some presentations, and sponsors
      who help us with covering the costs of the event - but in the end, it is
      still about the VlogEurope atmosphere - the discussions, the meeting with
      old and new fellow vloggers, the probing into questions that mean something
      to you and the others.

      VlogEurope is, like Jeffrey said, taking place the same weekend as PodCamp
      UK. Of course, that is a shame in one sense - that means that less UK people
      will be present at VlogEurope in Heidelberg. But on the other hand, it could
      be a very interesting opportunity to work with space; physical space and
      virtual space - as arenas for discussions. What questions are being probed
      at PodCamp UK that might interest the people at VlogEurope? How does this
      relate to other conferences taking place - maybe that weekend, or at other
      times? How do we keep track of all the discussions? How do we Further them?

      VlogEurope came into being from discussions centered around the european
      flashmeetings in 05, where we realized that - heck! we want to meet!. I want
      to keep faithful to that basic premise: Meeting other videobloggers from
      Europe and beyond.

      This year's VlogEurope has been a lot less advertised than for instance last
      year's event in Milan, which was wonderfully hosted and organized. Some have
      asked: Is VlogEurope happening? Of course it is! September 1st-2nd,
      Heidelberg, Germany. Be there! :) We are currently negotiating with a few
      companies to try to get the expenses covered so that you don't have to pay
      for attending the event as a videoblogger.

      Having been very inactive in the vlogosphere the last year or so (basically,
      since The PAN imploded), I have looked at the scene / market with a mixture
      of dread and hints of that old old enthusiasm (an example of the enthusiasm
      is expressed here: http://www.dltq.org/v1/?p=64 ).

      Today, YouTube and CNN partner together. There are similar attempts at
      bridging the gap between the online audience and real-life politics taking
      place all around the world. (One of the interesting projects I follow is
      "WebCameron": http://webcameron.co.uk/ ). A question to me is: What IS
      happening around Europe? What is happening in Portugal, or Poland, or
      Bosnia-Herzegovina, or Finland? How is videoblogging working to integrate
      the European community (within and outside the EU), or link the local with
      the global? How do language barriers create sub-cultures that are invisible
      to each other? For instance, in Norway there is a pretty large community of
      people who publish videos at www.snutter.no - here is a video I just found
      of a local politician running at the upcoming local elections:
      This video is locked in within the snutter.no community. Is this good

      How aware are we of what is happening in other countries? Are we perhaps too
      busy exploring our own web2.0y circle of friends or acquintances?
      http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/ is a great resource - where are the
      others? How good are we at pointing at new sources?

      Ok, that was a big sidetrack - my point was to show that VlogEurope is not
      just an isolated event, but is part of an ongoing discussion. I look forward
      to seeing many european videobloggers at VlogEurope (sign up here:
      http://vlogeurope.com/wiki/index.php?title=2007_Participants ), and I also
      hope to see videobloggers from other continents. Last year, we had a good
      deal of Americans coming over, and I hope you enjoyed your Milan experience!

      This year VlogEurope takes place in Heidelberg. In case you do not know much
      about this great German city, I can give a few links:
      Heidelberg timelapse movie: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vONI05rkSjs
      A tour guide video of Heidelberg: http://www.blip.tv/file/194642/
      Heidelberg @ Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heidelberg

      Aske Dam, who was one of the speakers at last year's VlogEurope, will give
      one of the presentations this year as well. Aske is well versed with video -
      in fact, he was one of the pioneers of interactive television, and he gives
      decades of experience to the conference.

      More information about VlogEurope and discussion about the state of the
      European Vlogosphere will be available at www.vlogeurope.com over the coming
      days and weeks. Whether you will make it to the event or not, you are also
      welcome to join our Facebook group ( http://tinyurl.com/3d9hgc) or follow us
      at twitter: http://twitter.com/vlogeurope


      Raymond M. Kristiansen
      Copenhagen, Denmark
      personal vlog/blog: www.dltq.org

      On 8/1/07, Jeffrey Taylor <thejeffreytaylor@...> wrote:
      > So we're exactly one month away from this year's vlog Europe in
      > Heidelburg,
      > Germany on 1 and 2 September.
      > Here's what we want you to know:
      > 1) You can check out up-to-the-minute details at http://vlogeurope.com and
      > the wiki at http://www.vlogeurope.com/vlogeurope-07/wiki/
      > 2) We've created a Facebook Group at http://tinyurl.com/3d9hgc Anyone can
      > join, even if you don't plan on going but are interested in seeing what's
      > happening.
      > 3) Joel has secured a venue, and we're in the process of setting the
      > schedule and sessions. Check the wiki/Facebook Group and you'll see what's
      > happening.
      > 4) We know Podcamp UK is the same weekend, and we're in conversation with
      > the nice folks with Podcamp to see if we can do a joint session via
      > videolink.
      > 5) If you know you're going to attend, please make sure you let us know on
      > the Wiki. If you are a maybe or are having issues with getting
      > there/finding
      > a place to stay, let us know and we'll see how we can assist you.
      > 6) You can always mail me with questions at thejeffreytaylor@...<thejeffreytaylor%40gmail.com>or
      > leave a message on the Facebook group. Or you can ask questions here and
      > Raymond, Joel or I will get back to you.
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    • Gökçen Karan
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      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 3, 2007
        Hi everyone;

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