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Re: [videoblogging] Re: Sanyo Xacti-DMX

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  • Lisa Harper
    Well I was wrong about both FCP and iMovie. There was a trick to getting the new iMovie HD to import as MPEG-4 that I didn t notice until recently. Below the
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 17, 2005
      Well I was wrong about both FCP and iMovie. There was a trick to
      getting the new iMovie HD to import as MPEG-4 that I didn't notice
      until recently. Below the button you press to create a new project,
      there is a little arrow that -- if you were to expand -- gives you
      the choice to import as MPEG-4. Probably that's in the instructions,
      but who reads'em. You still have to compress again when you save, of
      course (unless there is yet something else I've managed to miss.) I
      hate the idea of re-compressing.

      I've been playing with Live Stage Pro, too. It won't directly import
      MPEG-4, but if you use QT Pro to save them first in a QT format, LSP
      is happy enough to save them back out without making you re-compress.
      So far I like this best.


      On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 02:54:45 -0500, Daniell Krawczyk <dkrawc@...> wrote:
      > Not sure if this has already been addressed but...
      > \> Most people on this list seem to be doing some pretty incredible video
      > \> editing with great tools like Final Cut Pro or iMovie. But if you
      > \> shoot MPEG-4, it doesn't make sense to use these tools. So far my
      > \> experience has been that they will import your media as streaming DV
      > \> and thus convert it too a very large file that you will just have to
      > \> compress back again.
      > This paragraph is no longer correct. The new iMovie, iMovie HD can be
      > set to use MPEG4 as its format and this means you can import MPEG4
      > files without having to reconvert them. While I haven't tested this
      > with the Xacti or any other MPEG4 camera it works absolutely wonderful
      > with files shared on the DigitalBicycle compressed with Handbrake.
      > (See our in-depth guide to Handbrake at
      > http://beta.digitalbicycle.org/about/handbrake ) If I have a 225 MB,
      > 30 minute video that was compressed with Handbrake (say for instance,
      > the Human Dog Christmas Special) I can drag it right into iMovie 5 and
      > after giving it a couple minutes it appears in my clip pane without
      > reconversion. If I close iMovie and look at the size of the iMovie
      > project file (including Media clips) it would only be 225MB (maybe
      > 226). You can add titles, edit, do whatever you might have done with
      > DV footage. You should then be able to burn a DVD of it (we're still
      > fully testing this part). So if you have a MPEG4 camera and it works
      > as well with iMovie 5 as Handbrake'd (FFMPEG) MP4's, then iMovie is
      > exactly what you should be using to edit your footage.
      > Daniell Krawczyk
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      Lisa Harper
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