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Re: A nice soothing, relaxing cup of tea

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  • Heath
    I agree with you Rupert..... Mike, I am not sure what to say, I could go to the site and vote something and maybe I will but the thing I wonder about is
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2007
      I agree with you Rupert.....

      Mike, I am not sure what to say, I could go to the site and
      vote "something" and maybe I will but the thing I wonder about
      is "will it matter?" Verdi voted and got called a "Meat" something?
      what the hell is that? It sounds like to me that there are some
      serious flaws within the wikipidia system.....a system that seems to
      disreguard someone if they are not a regular "contributor"....I don't
      agree with that completly but I can understand it to a degree but if
      that is the case will my vote really matter? I know it matters to
      you and me, but will wikipidia give a damn? I don't think so. And
      that is what is sad...because at the end of the day if nothing
      happens then nothing has changed....

      I don't know, I don't know what is right here. I don't like one
      person being the "gatekeeper" which is what Pat is at this point. It
      goes against everything I believe....I'm at work and I "should" be
      doing something else so I am going to go for now.....

      I don't know...I just don't know...


      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Rupert Howe" <rupert@...>
      > I unsubscribed a couple of days ago for a breather. I've always
      > to be cautious of heated discussions in groups because they're so
      > seductive - soon you're caught up in the lynch mob feeling and
      > stuff you regret later, which is what happened to me this time.
      > I'm quarantined and stuck in the house alone and going stir crazy,
      > reading all this stuff was not too healthy and my mind wasn't clear.
      > Coming back for a quick view on the web, it seems to me that
      > is a bit right. Patrick Delongchamp had been overzealous, and could
      > have just earmarked stuff for editing rather than delete people's
      > work so relentlessly. Maybe, as Elbows says, he was technically
      > within the rules to do so because of sources. His style, though,
      > something to be desired.
      > Which is why I thought a ban would be unlikely and make things
      > - which appears to be the case now. That's why what I first
      > (before i got too worked up) was just encouraging a show of strength
      > by having lots of people contribute keep the deletions at bay.
      > Which is what Wikipedia's about - achieving a balanced, efficient
      > market by reaching a critical mass of contributors. Not a few
      > a few.
      > However, something needs to change in order for people to feel
      > comfortable contributing to the Wikipedia entry... which clearly
      > don't now - despite the strong words here, there's no editing of
      > article going on.
      > I don't think this is a failure to support you, Mike, so really
      > *don't* leave, please - I love your posts here. It's just a sense
      > What's The Point, I reckon, and a fear/ennui of all the anger.
      > If Patrick will agree not to delete anything more, since there's an
      > issue around his involvement, and if other people can contribute
      > and there, then maybe we have a nice compromise and we can all have
      > nice soothing, relaxing cup of tea.
      > Really, I keep telling myself - beware the blood that rises in these
      > 'liminal zones' like email and online groups - what you write is
      > for ever and ever. I'm even wondering if I'll regret writing
      this ;)
      > And although it's upsetting to see Mike and Steve getting hectic,
      > you're all friends really. What brought me back before the weekend
      > was that people are talking on Twitter about unsubscribing. We
      > afford to lose more people from this list. When it's good, it's
      > good.
      > I'll resubscribe when I'm feeling better. I like it here.
      > Rupert
      > http://twittervlog.blogspot.com/
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