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First hybrid reality conference event based in Japan

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  • Steve McCarty
    On March 24th at the NUCB Graduate School in Nagoya there was a conference: Wireless Ready: Podcasting Education and Mobile Assisted Language Learning. The
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      On March 24th at the NUCB Graduate School in Nagoya there was a
      conference: "Wireless Ready: Podcasting Education and Mobile Assisted
      Language Learning." The opening keynote address was "Web 2.0
      Technologies and iPods for Research and Mobility." That hour (only)
      was held simulaneously at EduNation in the Second Life 3D virtual
      world. The conference room had two screens, so the .ppt presentation
      was projected onto one with a PC and and a Mac was used for Second
      Life and the voice client Ventrilo, which worked to an extent. During
      the presentation, occasionally the room speakers would announce the
      entry or departure of participants in other countries, Europe and the
      Americas, giving an amusing air of spontaneous unpredictability, not
      knowing when another world would intrude upon this one. Videos were
      taken both from within Second Life, showing a participant's
      perspective, and from the conference audience, which, along with
      various screen shots and photos, like Kurosawa's "Rashomon" show
      multiple perspectives on the same event. For photos and screen shots
      of an avatar interacting with the .ppt presentation in Second life,
      see: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=djszdhm_31d9vstb
      For interesting videos, particularly of the presenter's avatar flying,
      see Video 1, etc., at the Conference site:
      For other links including to the YouTube video from within Second Life
      taken from Barcelona, see the latest item under Presentations at:

      Collegially, Steve McCarty, Professor, Osaka Jogakuin College, Japan
      President, World Association for Online Education (1998-2007)
      Mobile phone site (worldwide access, please sign the Guestbook):
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