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Re: Traveler's Backup Solution

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    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2007
      "garyisse" <garyisse@...> wrote:
      > I am currently traveling in China for the second time. On this trip
      > I have been here over a month and will be here a few more weeks. I
      > have been shooting a LOT of video and my backup options are becoming
      > limited. I have some tiny WD external drives I've been downloading
      > everything to but aside from the fact that I quickly ran out of
      > space, that didn't seem like the best option because I was carrying
      > those around with me too.

      > I am trying to protect myself from a couple of things, 1) theft, 2)
      > damage from the elements, 3) Damage from physical mishandling
      > (luggage, x-ray machines, etc) and 4) well, I'm in China so let's
      > just call this one theft again.


      > I was thinking of uploading to my server but to do so with the
      > original DV quality would require much more space than I'm willing
      > to pay for. I also thought about making DV copies and mailing them
      > home but then I figure those might get damaged, lost, stolen,
      > mishandled, etc as well. I started putting them on DVD but I now
      > have a stack of DVDs that I'm not sure what to do with... send them
      > home? Lock them up here? Not sure.


      > I haven't had time to even touch most of the footage so it's mostly
      > unedited stuff so I don't want to post any of it on any of the
      > distribution sites like blip or youtube.


      > Thanks in advance for your feedback.
      > Gary Isse
      > http://www.GaryInChina.com
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