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NYC Blogger Summit

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  • Bill Cammack
    ================================ NYC Blogger Summit http://www.wnbc.com/news/10814198/detail.html NEW YORK -- The world of media is ever changing, and WNBC.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007

      NYC Blogger Summit


      NEW YORK -- The world of media is ever changing, and WNBC.com has
      taken unprecedented steps to embrace the future. Wednesday night, the
      people who write more than 130 of New York's most-read blogs came to
      our station, talking about the digital future.

      New York's first Blogger Summit was held in Studio 6A at 30
      Rockefeller Plaza, known to many as the home of the Conan O'Brien Show.

      WNBC.com technology reporter Sree Srinavasan served as emcee for the
      evening. Sree led the discussion as the WNBC team and the bloggers
      engaged in a lively debate about the role digital media, and blogging
      in particular, is having on the way information is being reported by
      different forms of media and how the people of New York consume it.
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      Some of the discussion centered on serving the many niches of the New
      York metro area and the role "new media" plays in a world previously
      dominated by networks and newspapers. Several bloggers spoke up about
      the struggle to gain credibility and more media access within their
      industry. Bloggers also shared insight into their individual success
      stories and the tremendous growth of the blogging community over the
      last five years.

      Most importantly, WNBC and the bloggers exchanged ideas about the
      future of the two media forms and how they can work together in the
      future to better provide for the New York audience and beyond.

      The purpose of the NYC Blogger Summit was to get a dialogue going
      between bloggers and WNBC. The ultimate goal is to work together in
      the future by sharing news, information and giving additional exposure
      to stories that are important to New Yorkers on blogs, Newschannel 4
      and WNBC.com.

      For example, if a blog gets a scoop on a big news story, WNBC would
      work with that blogger to report that story on television, giving
      credit and more exposure to that blog. Conversely, if WNBC has a story
      or video of a news event that might be of interest to a blogger's
      audience, the ground work has been laid down to share it in order to
      reach a broader audience.

      The bottom line is the New York blogs and WNBC.com have set the wheels
      in motion to do a more comprehensive job delivering news and
      information to a diverse, and ever-growing digital audience.


      Ran across this post on the local channel 4 news site.

      Bill C.
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