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Re: anniversaries and awards [nsfw]

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  • Enric
    Congrats! This got me wondering when I first put up video on the web. I edited a music video for a local San Francisco Bay Area band, Dorothy s Melting, in
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 31, 2007

      This got me wondering when I first put up video on the web. I edited
      a music video for a local San Francisco Bay Area band, Dorothy's
      Melting, in July, 1996. I recently found a copy of the video I made
      and put it on my current vlog site, Cirne:


      I don't recall if I put it or other video ever on a website before 2001.

      But in 2000 was the 25th Anniversary of the student co-op I lived at
      during College at U.C. Berkeley called Lothlorien. I was talking with
      somneone I lived in the house about setting up a site for Lothlorien.
      The domain name Lothlorien was already taken (if you know you're
      Tolkein, it's the land of the elves.) But "lothlorienhouse.org" was

      So I setup the site, http://lothlorienhouse.org/ . Each elf clicked
      open a window for Photos, Chat, Discussion Board and on the far right
      for Video. I had made several Super-8 films when I lived at
      Lothlorien which I had transferred to video. I digitized some short
      sequences and put them up as quicktime movies:


      On the Internet Arhive WayBack Machine, they first appear on March 1, 2001


      So on March 1st, 2007 will be 6 years that I will have that video on
      the web ;)

      -- Enric

      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Philip Clark" <yahoolist@...>
      > Hi gang,
      > Today is my fifth anniversary of putting video on a blog at
      swordfight.org. Somehow, that
      > original videoblog still exists ~ http://swordfight.org/video
      > This week also marks the fifth anniversary of Hot Action, a blog of
      erotic non-fiction and
      > photographs that would probably be of interest to very few people on
      this list. I've also
      > been videoblogging there for a while.
      > NSFW: http://hotaction.ca
      > Hot Action has been nominated in a few categories for Dirtyspoke's
      2006 Sexblog Awards,
      > including "Sexiest Sexblogger" alongside our very own Violet Blue.
      The voting closes
      > tonight at midnight EST. If you could spare a moment to vote, I'd
      appreciate it ~
      > http://dirtyspoke.com/2007/01/16/blog-awards/
      > Warmest regards, your pal,
      > Philip.
      > --
      > http://swordfight.org
      > http://hotaction.ca
      > http://destroyhotaction.com
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