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Re: [videoblogging] Re: First John Edwards. What Happens Next?/video regulation

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  • Frank Carver
    ... I guess if you live in the USA it s sometimes easy to forget, but the modern economy is global. As US politics moves into modern media and the internet,
    Message 1 of 13 , Jan 1, 2007
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      Friday, December 29, 2006, 7:01:55 PM, J. Rhett Aultman wrote:

      > Another interesting question to pose has to do with the regulation of
      > money going to political ads. Does this even extend to the Internet? Can
      > political candidates exploit lapses in campaign expenditure regulation to
      > pay video bloggers for time on their blogs? What about advertisement
      > storms on YouTube and the like?

      I guess if you live in the USA it's sometimes easy to forget, but the
      modern economy is global. As US politics moves into modern media and
      the internet, then the rest of the world gets a say.

      If it's OK for the USA to intervene in Iraqi politics, is it OK for
      people outside the USA to intervene in US politics, too?

      Sure, non-US-citizens don't actually get a vote, but US presidential
      elections have been becoming less and less about individual votes for
      years. It's all about how much money and media each faction can wield,
      and how it is used to shape the voters into voting one way or another.

      In the past, this was mainly a domestic thing. Pretty much the only
      people who cared who occupied the White House were the people of the
      USA. But that's all changed. The USA is now such a a big player on the
      world stage that everyone on the planet is affected by what the USA

      US Politics used to be the playground of American business lobbies and
      corporate interests. They have worked tirelessly for years to ensure
      that they can manipulate the political process just by spending money.
      Spend more money, get more influsnce.

      But think about it. How much money could (for example) China or a
      coalition of Moslem oil states put into political campaigning for the
      upcoming US election? Would they care at all about the FCC or campaign
      contributions, impartiality, journalistic ethics or traditions of
      political integrity?

      As a US voter, you have NO WAY of telling who or what domestic or
      foreign interests are funding, producing or editing anything that you
      read, hear, or view. Whatever rules used to pretend that there was
      any sort of impartiality are worthless.


      Frank Carver http://www.makevideo.org.uk
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