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Re: [videoblogging] "Television Week" contact info & "viral video" terminology.

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  • Rick Rey
    Personally, I don t like the phrase viral video at all. Especially when it comes to what we do. I had hoped we were getting away from using it. Andrew Baron
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2006
      Personally, I don't like the phrase "viral video" at all. Especially when it comes to what we do. I had hoped we were getting away from using it. Andrew Baron talked about it a couple of weeks ago on his blog:



      On 9/1/06, humancloner1997 < rhwicker@...> wrote:

      I've tracked down a two or three useful links for those who want to
      lobby "Television Week" to include the "most popular" videos from
      the sites most of us post videos on.

      I think their term of choice "viral video" is an interesting one.
      I'm not sure if I like it or not.

      Part of the definition of the word "viral" in wikipedia reads:"Viral
      marketing is sometimes used to describe some sorts of Internet-based
      stealth marketing campaigns, including the use of blogs, seemingly
      amateur web sites, and other forms of astroturfing to create word of
      mouth for a new product or service."

      The only "new product" I find in most non-commercial vlogs
      is "personalized truth". Like most freelance journalists, I like to
      see my vlogs and viewpoints become "infectious" and "contageous".
      But "viral" brings to mind "virus" which make you sick and/or crash
      your computer.

      Those interested in lobbying Television Week to include more hosting
      sites in their daily free newsletter of the most popular "viral
      videos" on the Internet will find the following contact information

      Please send questions or comments to viralvideo@....

      The link to the page with the news report is:

      This notice below appears at the foot the formatted-for-printing
      page version of "Viral Video: GOOOOOAAAL!"

      "Reproductions and distribution of the above article are strictly
      prohibited. To order reprints and/or request permission to use the
      article in full or partial format please contact Marc Abrams at
      (323) 370-2415 or mabrams@...."

      The article is:
      August 28, 2006
      Viral Video: GOOOOOAAAL!
      By Daisy Whitney
      TelevisionWeek is trawling video-sharing Web sites to find the
      hottest clips spreading on the Internet.

      Story continues below..

      The link to the above article is http://www.tvweek.com/article.cms?

      Let's give both Marc Abrams and Daisey Whitney some feedback via
      phone and email!

      Randolfe (Randy) Wicker
      Hoboken, NJ

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