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  • B Yen
    I saw it on CBS Evening News a few days ago, it got major airplay ( traditional news ): http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/08/30/earlyshow/main1949212.shtml [
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2006
      I saw it on CBS Evening News a few days ago, it got major airplay ("traditional news"):

      [ Being a former aerospace engineer in the Industry, I can relate to what he's saying.  It's frought with corruption & problems.  It's frighteningly BAD.  If I told you what I saw/experienced, you might leave America for fear of security ("lack of").  As a matter of fact, I blogged some of it on a major Physics blog recently & it drew an incredulous response: "Is this for real?  where are the checks & balances?"  In a sense, I was doing what M De Kort did ("text blog"). ]

       I call it the Curse of Bureacracy, it's not unlike what Josh Wolf is going through, you're fighting the "Establishment".  It's like Ken Kesey's novel, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (which was made into that famous movie starring Jack Nicholson).

      "McMurphy's ward in the mental institution is run by an unyielding tyrant, Nurse Ratched, who has cowed the patients—who are mostly there by choice—into dejected institutionalised submission."

      Josh is not unlike McMurphy, who is fighting "Big Nurse" & the Establishment.  Or, the tyrant =mainstream-media & the patients=submissive viewers.

      Dr. Ted Postol/MIT went on CBS to expose major flaws in US missile-defense system (some of it I worked on, & it was a total JOKE):

      "And I say to my boss, 'It is wrong, what we are doing; it is wrong.' And the next day I was fired."
      former TRW employee Nira Schwartz

      I walked up & left my job, because of similar issues.  "I couldn't take the B***S*** no more"

      My lawyer friend told me:

      "Bob, you don't need a lawyer.  Just goto the Media.  You don't think they would air it & take a swipe at them?"

      With "Citizen Journalism", especially with video medium, you no longer have to goto the mainstream media (CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, et al).  You can do it yourself.

      Case 1:
      What is really WEIRD is that the story 1st "broke" using a video-publishing-over-the-Web ("Alternative Model").  THEN, the mainstream media (CBS, ABC, et al) picked it up as news.

      Case 2:
      Remember the CBS 60 Minutes scandal?  (which led to the Dan Rather's ousting) They broke a story, based on faked signatures.  A Blog ("Alternative Model") found the error!   A pretty basic one at that, the copy type was from a Kinkos copy store.

      Consider the above 2 cases.  WHO is doing the news?  CBS or citizens?

      Answer: citizens

      [ or as per the title of the post "CITIZEN MEDIA BEATS BIG MEDIA" ]

      I think there is a business-opportunity opening up.  But, I'm dyslexic when it comes to Business, so I don't know how to figure out the Business-Plan/Model.

      Setup a whistle-blower video-blog site?

      After the big Stanford cheating scandal by undergrads, that prompted a Solution.  Plagiarism.org website:

      On Sep 1, 2006, at 11:22 AM, WWWhatsup wrote:


      [SOURCE: MediaDailyNews, AUTHOR: Tom Siebert]
      The whistle-blower who aired allegations on YouTube that Lockheed Martin sold the U.S. Coast Guard $24 billion worth of refurbished Coast Guard patrol boats with significant security flaws and other deficiencies says it was a decision of "last resort." He turned to YouTube when the mainstream media dismissed his claims as "outlandish."  "I contacted every single mass media outlet on television and probably 75 separate reporters at different newspapers," says Michael De Kort, the 41-year-old former engineer for Lockheed Martin. De Kort was laid off by the military contractor days after he posted his 10-minute video on August 3, soberly detailing shortcomings in the boats' security cameras, communications abilities, and cold weather capabilities. "They wouldn't do the story."  Following De Kort's YouTube airing, however, his allegations were subsequently reported in the Navy Times, and then picked up by The Washington Post, NPR and other news organizations. The video has become the latest example of new media driving the old, cited by ABC News as "further evidence that the Internet has given the average person a way to be heard."

                   WWWhatsup NYC

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