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[Fwd: No Time to Waste] The 48-hour PSA Project Confronting War

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  • Markus Sandy
    happy friday all i don t recall if this got posted already fyi, markus by way of jen simmons .... dear videobloggers, A good friend of mine in Philadelphia is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      happy friday all
      i don't recall if this got posted already
      fyi, markus

      by way of jen simmons ....

      dear videobloggers,

      A good friend of mine in Philadelphia is organizing this -- a kind of 48 hours film fest for making films/vids about 9/11, the war in Iraq, Bush... It's happening the weekend of the 5th anniversary of the bombing of the World Trade Center.

      I'd love to see you participate! (You don't need to be in Philly -- as we all know... this email was written like you do, but ignore that. Between Blip, SpinXpress, free long distance on cell phone, email... why do you have to be in the room? Make your film and send it in...)



      No Time to Waste

      The 48-hour PSA Project Confronting War


      This is a call out to anyone who is frustrated with any of the wars this country is engaged in, at home or abroad, and wants to send a message to the world about it—a digital message. The 48-hour PSA Project will bring together people in the Philadelphia area to create 30-60 second public service announcements against war within a 48-hour period. At the end of the 48 hours the videos will be posted on the Internet and available for viewing by millions of people worldwide. Join us for a digital mobilization where instead of posters and signs our digital media conveys our message!

      How it works:

      You find 3-7 other people to form a group with between now and September 9th . Ideally at least one of you has access to a video camera and some editing software. If not please email us at the address listed below and we will connect you with equipment and resources you need.

      On Saturday September 9th all groups will meet up at 9:30 am at the Asian Arts Initiative (1315 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor) for a light breakfast and brief introduction to the project that will include a screening of samples of other PSAs. Groups will then be able to use the space to meet and plan their own PSAs. They will each have 48 hours to come up with a concept, shoot it, edit it, and compress it for web uploading.  If you do not know how to upload video to the web, here will be a short workshop on compressing and uploading video on Sunday afternoon. The PSAs will also eventually be compiled onto a DVD that will be available for distribution.

      How to enter:

      Please email the "Group Application" form below to psas_against_war@.... You will receive a confirmation email as well as more detailed information on the project and the 48-hour weekend.

      If you are interested in participating but don't have enough other people to group with, please email the "Request to Join a Group" form below to psas_against_war@.... We will put you in contact with others so that you can all participate!

      **Please contact us by Monday September 3rd.**

      How much does it cost?

      $5 per individual, and two days of your time. Money goes toward breakfast Saturday morning, a miniDV tape, and administrative expenses.

      When and where?

      Participants will meet up on Saturday, September 9 th at 9:30am at the Asian Arts Initiative, 1315 Cherry Street, 2nd floor. The project ends at 9:30am on September 11 th.



      No Time to Waste:

      The 48-hour PSA Project Confronting War

      Group Application Form


      Group Name(optional):


      Group Coordinator:                                                Email:                        Phone:

      (this person is responsible for communicating with the 48hour project coordinators)


      Participants' Names:                                                           





      Do you have? Do you need?

      • access to a video camera?
      • access to editing software such as Final Cut Pro or iMovie and working knowledge of editing?
      • Ability to compress your own PSA for uploading? (note: there will be a 30 minute presentation on how to compress for the web on Sunday afternoon)
      • Extra skills or equipment that you can loan to this project? (If so, please specify…)






      No Time to Waste:

      The 48-hour PSA Project Confronting War

      Request to Join a Group





      Email:                                                                        Phone:



      What topic(s) or issue(s) are you interested in covering in your PSA?





      What skills or resources can you offer to a group (eg. editing, camera, writing, research, general assistance)?










      Sara Zia Ebrahimi

      Markus Sandy
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