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Re: [videoblogging] UNZAPPED - Now I am flattered!

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  • Stephanie Bryant
    [I originally held off on sending this because I try to not send emails when I m angry. But Jason s confession that he really is a deliberate, evil spammer
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 31, 2006
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      [I originally held off on sending this because I try to not send
      emails when I'm angry. But Jason's confession that he really is a
      deliberate, evil spammer convinced me that he needs to hear a message
      300 times before he'll buy it....]

      On 3/28/06, lishisman <lishisman@...> wrote:
      > I was hoping that I could your attention, sorry for the BLATENT
      > spamming... Allow me to introduce myself... I am Jason... from
      > Unzappedtv.com (spam).

      Welcome, Jason.

      Anger and annoyance, however, are probably not the kind of attention
      you would like, especially not from people you want to ask for help.

      Here are some thoughts:
      Emailing the group EVERY DAY with your URL does not get people to come
      watch. Why? Because they have no idea why they should watch, so
      frequently, toss it into the "I'll look later" list. Then, because
      between the time they toss and the time "later" arrives, you have
      emailed six or seven times to say "check out my vlog, please" without
      yet contributing anything of substance. The annoyance factor kicks in,
      and no, they don't WANT to watch your vlog.

      > I have many talents, but internet video is not one I am good at yet.
      > My role is more or less
      > sales, and my niche is web marketing... SEO... rankings... BTW
      > unzappedtv is #4 in google for the term "daily vlog" and it has been
      > up less than a month...

      Pardon me for not being surprised that (a) your role is salesman. Most
      salesmen have no concept of manners. and (b) your site which no one
      has heard of is #4. High rankings in Internet search engines are just
      proof that you know how to work the system, or have paid google for

      > What I could use some help with, in exchange for anything I can help
      > with, is some input or tips on how to better my show... I personally
      > have never been in front of a camera...EVER. And certainly never
      > tried to do it unscripted at 6am everyday in one take, with my best
      > friend who is a dork. Ergo, the benefit of any of your generous
      > thoughts is greatly appreciated! Did I say GREATLY?
      > The one thing I cant get anybody to do is give me feedback...

      Here's my feedback: Go back in time to the first time you posted
      "CHECK OUT MY VLOG!" to this group. Instead of posting it repeatedly,
      day after day after day, post ONCE, with the above two paragraphs.
      They are the only open and honest things you have said on this list so

      This is a community of thousands of people who get about a hundred
      messages a day from this list alone. Every time you send out a spammy
      message, it has a NEGATIVE IMPACT on this audience. It shows that you
      do not care about anyone else's time or bandwidth. It tells us that
      you have no interest in participating, you just want server hits.

      And the repeated postings make me think that you are impatient and
      have an inflated sense of entitlement, believing that everyone should
      drop everything to run over to your vlog, and if you didn't get
      thousands of visitors and comments after the first day, then it must
      be that we missed your message. We didn't miss it-- we just didn't DO
      it. God forbid a bunch of strangers not drop everything to cater to
      your self-serving, value-less promo.

      You are making a name for yourself, but it is not a good one.

      It's not even that this group is unwelcoming to new videobloggers. We
      are very welcoming and friendly. But we are also all busy ourselves,
      vlogging and teaching and writing and working and doing all kinds of
      things that don't have anything to do with going out and visiting and
      critiquing your vlog. Most likely, if you had waited a week after
      posting the first time, you would have gotten some good responses.
      Instead, I think you waited about 12 hours? Not acceptable-- I'm
      surprised the moderators didn't ban you, to be honest.

      More advice: you obviously want to get your URL out there. Make a
      short sig file that includes your URL and set your email program to
      automatically include it with every outgoing message. Then,
      participate in discussions on the list, and not with "COME SEE MY
      VLOG!" but with your actual thoughts and viewpoint.


      PS: Forget everything you know about sales and marketing with this
      group. It's not that you have to get your URL in front of us three
      times before you get a hit. We're media and advertising savvy. We all
      KNOW what you think you're doing. You are not being clever. Be honest,
      not "clever." You will get farther engaged in honest communication
      than in hyperactive inflatable gorilla marketing.

      Stephanie Bryant
      Blogs, vlogs, and audioblogs at:
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