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Re: [videoblogging] vPIP 0.12 Beta is out

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  • Ron Watson
    Will feeds that are aggregated in my wordpress and blogger vlogs (mainly from blip, but soon to be others) (http://pawsitivevybe.com/ vlog) be affected by this
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 29, 2006
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      Will feeds that are aggregated in my wordpress and blogger vlogs (mainly from blip, but soon to be others) (http://pawsitivevybe.com/vlog) be affected by this plugin? 

      That would be really nice if they were automagically changed to vPIP.


      Ron Watson

      Pawsitive Vybe Canines
      12 E Bridge St Suite G
      Rockford, MI 49341

      On Mar 29, 2006, at 8:43 AM, Jan wrote:

      Whoa, Enric, this rocks my world!

      From the very moment I started vlogging, this is what I've envisioned for
      the page.

      Bravo and thanks.

      You got a promo you want played? I'll take it and use it on the next month's
      output, yo.



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      Subject: [videoblogging] vPIP 0.12 Beta is out

      > vPIP (videos Playing In Place) allows the embedding of videos only
      > when a link, usually image representing the video, is clicked.  This
      > allows a vlog page to load quickly.  Then when the link is clicked,
      > the video replaces the link and appears next to the blog text.  vPIP
      > supports Quicktime, Windows Media and Flash movies.    Those who've
      > been on this list, I'm sure have heard me mentioned vPIP several times.
      > The current version has been tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer 6,
      > Opera and Safari.  It works well on all these except on Safari the
      > revert feature does not work well, so it's been disabled. The revert
      > option makes a prior video that was active revert back to it's link
      > information when the next video is selected.
      > The blogging systems that vPIP has been tested on are Blogger.com and
      > Wordpress.  It should also work on any other blogging system like
      > Typepad and website by referencing it's javascript file.
      > The installation and usage information is at:
      > http://www.utilities.cinegage.com/videos-playing-in-place/
      > In the usage section is an image link to the Generate vPIP flash
      > utility that lets you specify the video file, image file and other
      > parameters.  Then it generates the code to copy and paste into your
      > blog or web site.
      > Currently I know that Geek Entertainment TV,
      > http://www.geekentertainment.tv/, Lo-Fi St. Louis,
      > http://lofistl.com/, Tech Alley, http://techalley.cirne.com/ and
      > Cirne, http://www.cirne.com/vlog/, are using vPIP.  Have a look at
      > those sites to see it in operation.  As of this writing, Geek
      > Entertainment TV and Lo-Fi St. Louis are using the prior version of
      > vPIP that require the page to completely load for it to go into
      > effect.  My sites, Tech Alley and Cirne, are using the new version
      > that operates immediately.
      > Let me know if there's any questions, recommendations for improvements
      > or problems.
      >   Thanks,
      >   Enric
      >   -===-
      >   http://www.cirne.com
      > Yahoo! Groups Links


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