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Re: [videoblogging] RSS in IE7

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  • David Meade
    No I dont think you re missing anything really, Verdi. IE7 is just a browser, it s still no replacement for an aggregator. But it does offer a much easier
    Message 1 of 12 , Feb 1, 2006
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      No I dont think you're missing anything really, Verdi.  IE7 is just a browser, it's still no replacement for an aggregator.  But it does offer a much easier view into feeds for people who arent with it yet.  Nice friendly format of raw feeds, sorting, filtering, auto-download of enclosed items, and a hot-key to open your list of subscribed feeds ... I think its going to let more and more people understand the point of feeds ... and then probably move to a more feature rich aggregator.

      Windows Vista is apparently going to have nice RSS features at the OS level which actual aggregators can use and take advantage of.  So for example in Windows Vista you can use IE (or any browser that uses the vista rss APIs) to subscribe to a feed and it will automatically be listed in your favorite aggregators.

      I think that eventually the major browsers will become more and more aggregator like (and I'm not sure I like that) ... but so far ... they're still just browsers.

      On 1/31/06, Michael Verdi <michael@...> wrote:
      Personally I don't think the way IE7 (apparently), Firefox, or Safari handle RSS feeds. How do they save you any time? You still have to check a single RSS feed at a time. To me the whole point of an aggregator like FireAnt, Mefeedia, Bloglines, NetNewsWire, etc, is that you can see all of your subscriptions at once. If I switch over to Netnewswire right now, I see that roughly half of the 75 or so feeds I have in there have updates. Now I know which ones I don't have to even bother looking at.

      Am I missing something?


      On 1/31/06, Pete Prodoehl < raster@...> wrote:
      David Meade wrote:
      > Hi all.  So I just downloaded the latest beta for IE7.  I had a drink
      > handy so that I could easily recover from all of the "HAH! FireFox
      > already does that!" shouting I was going to do.
      > Anyway I REALLY liked the RSS filtering/sorting thing and wanted to
      > share, but I was rather concerned that IE7 completely ignored the XML
      > style sheet that should have been applied to the feed.

      The bigger problem, for myself anyway, is that IE7 completely ignores
      any platform that is not Windows, and since I don't use Windows, I guess
      I should just ignore IE7. :(

      Back around 2000 or so IE5/Mac was a decent browser, but I guess
      Microsoft has no interest in other platforms anymore.


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