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Harold is not (entirely) the Podcaster Herald

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  • Harold Johnson
    Happy Holidays, everyone, Some of you may be familiar with my alter-ego, Podcaster Herald. You may have encountered some of his heralding at the website
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2005
      Happy Holidays, everyone,

      Some of you may be familiar with my alter-ego, Podcaster Herald.  You may have encountered some of his heralding at the website PodcasterHerald.com, some of which has been controversial within a corner of the vlogosphere.  His messages are sometimes provocative, though they're not intended merely to provoke.  Hopefully -- and though the Podcaster Herald is still being defined -- hopefully, the fellow will grow and learn and share and converse and do all the wonderful things I'm hoping for in the new year.

      I realize I'm talking in the third person here.  No need for concern; I'm aware of this.  The medication is working and all that.  It's like this: for some time I've had this idea of creating this persona, this "other Harold" -- in this case, a Herald -- that was not quite me but was kind of me, too.  I'm still working out the concept, but I hope you'll all bear with me.  I mean no harm, and neither does Podcaster Herald.  I just wanted to use that domain and webhost that I'd already paid a year for, and have some fun learning a bit about video podcasting, too.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is, please bear with me.  I believe I, Harold, want to be a part of this community.  Any criticisms I make in my own domain(s) are not necessarily directed at any of you -- certainly not in a personal way -- though I admit that some of the criticism may turn out to be helpful for some of you anyway.  I'm not implying that I know any more than any of you about video production, or vlogging, or video podcasting, or whatever it may be referred to as.  Certainly that's not the case, and though I've studied some aspects of film (an *entirely* different medium), I have a great deal to learn about videoblogging (from *all* of you).  I will say, however, that it's likely I'll have some things to say once in awhile, through the Podcaster Herald -- some messages from a podcaster -- that you may not always appreciate, or understand the intent of; but I aim to please, not to anger.  Criticism -- thoughtful criticism -- is not designed merely to provoke, but is aimed at constructing new levels of analysis, consideration of techniques and art and other matters.

      What I've already learned: videoblogging/podcasting is not always art.  Case in point: one of my own video (blog) postings at "Something That Happened":


      Obviously not the most *compelling* of videos; but I share it with you because I want you to know that I'm just posting whatever, too, regardless of all the Podcaster Herald's high-falutin' notions.

      Harold J. Johnson
      Something That Happened
      Narrative: Some True and Some Not So True
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